Gifted Identification resources

Optimal Identification App - Use this app to calculate the overall performance of an identification system based on the number of assessments, their reliability values, their respective cut scores (gifted criterion) and the intercorrelation among the various components.

Gifted Identification Explorer - Use this app to evaluate the system performance of a two-stage gifted identification procedure based on instrument reliability levels, intercorrelation, and cut scores. This app is especially helpful to see just how many students your system will miss (1-sensitivity) as designed.

Resources on Equity in Gifted Identification:

Handout, blog post, and instructional video on how to use online data to to find and calculate equity rates within your gifted and talented population.

Resources for Implementing Local Norms:

Instructional video - how to "do" local norms

Article that goes along with the video and also explains more detail as well as how to respond to common concerns.

Local norms spreadsheet / template for use in implementing local norms (created by Matt McBee)

Slide deck from local norms session for the Illinois Association for Gifted Children