Nullius in verba

"Nullius in verba" - the motto of the Royal Society - translates to "on the word of no one". The benefit of science if never having to take anyone's word for it. This is also the philosophy that underlies my work. Above all else I am dedicated to science - the discovery of new knowledge free from any personal agenda or prior beliefs. In my case I'm interested in science that can help more students benefit from and enjoy their time in K-12 school.

To further this belief and goal, I post or link to full-text pre-prints of all of my work (see the "Recent Publications" page). Whenever possible, I post my data on the Open Science Framework. See my "About Me" page for a full bio, the other pages for more of my scholarly work, or my full CV (linked below) if you're looking for some nice bedtime reading.

Full CV: here

Scott J. Peters, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Assessment and Research Methodology

Department of Educational Foundations

University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

800 W. Main St. Whitewater, WI 53190