How to Join

Complete Safety Training

Joining WOOF3D

Join our mailing list for club meeting times, updates, and opportunities. Our meetings occur at least once a week, announced via email. There is a $20 fee to join the club.


  • Access to lab time (3D printers, power tools)
  • Involvement in WOOF projects
  • Competitions
  • Educational 3D printing workshops and lectures.

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Safety Training

In order to access the workshop area in the WOOF room, members must complete the following training course. Proof of completion must be sent to woof3d+safety(at)

Make a Donation

If you are not interested in a membership but still would like to support WOOF3D donations are always greatly appreciated!

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Become an Officer

Use your UW net ID to sign in and fill out an application, your application will be reviewed during leadership recruitment season. If it is leadership recruiting season you'll hear back soon.