Welcome to Woof 3D

COVID-19 and Woof 3D

For the foreseeable future WOOF 3D will be a primarily online-based club. This quarter you can look forward to learning more about additive manufacturing, 3D modeling and coding through online workshops. We plan to hold activities like competitions where anyone from beginner to expert can compete! We will also be focusing more on the social side of things than we have in the past, since we know everyone would like a little more of that in their lives right now. If you want to discover (or expand) your love of all things additive manufacturing let us know in the New/Returning Member Sign-Up Page

Join us every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30pm on Zoom at https://washington.zoom.us/j/92926965202

Join Office Hours at https://washington.zoom.us/j/99839484670,see our Office Hours page for the schedule

University of Washington's Additive Manufacturing Club

  • Based from the University of Washington's Mechanical Engineering Building, we're a club dedicated to everything 3D printed

  • Join weekly meetings to learn more about the exciting world of 3D printing

  • Make friends and network across many majors and disciplines

  • Learn new skills like using 3D printers, 3D modeling and more

  • Have fun and experiment with additive manufacturing

When and Where We Meet

  • We meet every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30pm on Zoom

  • Checkout what topics we will cover each meeting in the Meetings Tab

  • Click on the Zoom icon to join our Zoom meeting (ID: 92926965202)

  • Also checkout the club office hours to talk to an officer throughout the week

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Meet our 2020-2021 Officers!

Gian Savvides

Technical Co-President

Hi I'm Gian. I'm an engineer, maker and car enthusiast. I'm a senior studying Civil Engineering. This is my fourth year in WOOF 3D. Outside of school I own and operate a design and manufacturing company with a heavy reliance on 3D printing. I find 3D printing valuable because of its ease of use and versatility for prototyping.

Marina Hutchison

Administrative Co-President

Hi! I’m Marina and I’m serving as the Administrative Co-President this year. I am a senior in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and this is my third year with WOOF 3D. Previously I was the club’s treasurer as well as a project lead. I have extensive experience with 3D printing, including holding a position in a lab using and maintaining Photon resin printers.

Maria Deming

Director of Communications

Hi, I'm Maria Deming, the communications director for Woof3D. I am a junior studying materials science and engineering and was the communications director last year as well. I enjoy using SolidWorks and also am interested in learning more about 3D printing new and exciting materials.

Jerry Cao

Project Manager

I'm Jerry, and I'm a junior studying Computer Science. I have experience in creating customizable 3D models through AutoCAD Fusion 360's API. You can also talk to me about conducting research with medical devices and accessibility.

Kellen Hartnett

Tech Lead

Hi, I'm Kellen, a junior in Electrical Engineering, and I will be one of the tech leads this year. I led the Voxel Printing project my first year and was a part of the Farmbot project last year under Jason, our other tech lead. I have also worked the last 2 two years as a Maintenance Technician at the HFS Makerspaces (Area 01, The MILL, The 8), so I'm happy to answer any questions about those spaces, 3D printing, or engineering in general!

Jason Wu

Tech Lead

I’m Jason, the other tech lead for this year. I’m a sophomore engineering student in my second year with Woof 3D. I led the Farmbot project last year and most of my experience with 3D printers is with more typical FFF printers. Like Kellen feel free to ask any tech related questions to me and I'll try my best to answer them.

William Nelson


Hi! I’m Will Nelson, a junior in mechanical engineering, and I will be the club treasurer this year. I have experience with 3D printing procedures and general workings of printer mechanisms from my time with the Precious Plastics and Kinetic Zen Garden teams. I’m also proficient with SolidWorks and look forward to working with the club on new designs.

If in the future we can meet in-person, you can find our club room's location below

On Campus

We are located on the basement floor of the MEB at the University of Washington's Seattle campus, found here:

3900 E Stevens Way NE, Room G045, Seattle, WA 98195

In the MEB

From the south entrance of the Mechanical Engineering building, walk down the stairs (found on the right) one floor to floor G, exit the stair well, go through the large metal doors on the left, follow the hall way about 30 yards and the Woof 3D room is on your left. We're at the end of the hall right by the Composite Lab.