Home of the University of Washington's Additive Manufacturing club

  • Learn to use, fix and make 3D printers

  • Join projects to provide a product, perform research into a new 3D printing field, or make something amazing

  • Make friends and network across many disciplines

  • Have fun and experiment with additive manufacturing

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Member Benefits

  • Filament for 3D printing

  • Access to 3D printers

  • 3D printer Training

  • A spot to hang out, 3D print and do homework with fellow members

  • Opportunity to participate in exciting projects

Become a Member

  • Attend an introductory meeting

  • Become safety certified

  • Pay annual membership dues

  • Get trained in workshops to use the 3D printers

  • Start 3D printing, join a group, participate, have fun


We are located on the basement floor of the MEB at the University of Washington's Seattle campus, found here: 3900 E Stevens Way NE, Room G045, Seattle, WA 98195

If you wish to organize a visit, please contact us at: woof3d@uw.edu

Find Us Here

We are located on the basement floor of the Mechanical Engineering Building (G045).

From the south entrance of the Mechanical Engineering building, walk down the stairs (found on the right) one floor to floor G, exit the stair well, go through the large metal doors on the left, follow the hall way about 30 yards and the Woof3D room is on your left. We're at the end of the hall right by the Composite Lab.

Meet our Officers!

Daniel Jones

Hey I'm Daniel, and I get to be one of the Co - Presidents this year. I focus on making sure the club runs in all technical departments. I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering here at UW, and this is my third year as a part of WOOF 3D where I have both lead a few projects and served as an officer in the past. I also have significant technical experience in CAD, 3D printing, and conventional manufacture.

Ricky Sato

Co-President Administrative

I'm a senior in electrical engineering and have been a club member since my freshman year. I was part of the DinoCut Project, lead a project working with the Crest lab and was the Project Manager last year.

Isaac Chappell

Web Master

Hi I'm Isaac, and I'll continue to be the web master for this year. I'm an incoming senior majoring in applied physics, aiming to be a full-stack roboticist. I'm excited for the Blender workshops, networking with Seattle-based 3d printing companies, and the new printers and projects this year.

Marina Hutchison


Hi! I'm a junior in the industrial and systems engineering department. Last year in WOOF 3D I was team lead for the Precious Plastics Project which creates products out of recycled plastics. I've loved 3D printing since my sophomore year of high school and have since taken three classes on CAD and Machining.

Jerry Cao

Project Manager

I'm Jerry and I'm a sophomore studying Computer Science. I specialize in creating customizable 3D models through AutoCAD Fusion 360's API. The reason I enjoy 3D printing is that it empowers individuals of all ages to prototype and bring to life designs that would otherwise remain in their imaginations.

Gian Savvides

Technical Lead

Hi I'm Gian, I'm an engineer, maker and car enthusiast. I'm a junior studying Civil Engineering. I own and operate a design and manufacturing company, with a heavy focus on 3D printing. I find 3D printing valuable because of its ease of use and versatility for prototyping.

Maria Deming

Director of Communications

Hi I'm Maria! I'll be the new Director of Communications for Woof3D this year. I'm a sophomore this year and am majoring in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).