PunToast & RecnoTech

What is the "Winter Classic" ?

The Rocket League 2v2 Winter Classic is a student run tournament in order to promote eSports at the University of Washington through replication of professional level competition.


Teams will be split into 2 different divisions and play a 4 week regular season consisting of 2 matches per week. Each match will be a Best of 3. The season will be from January 28th through February 24th.

The Playoff Tournament will take place on Saturday, March 3rd at Northwest Esports Headquarters (venue information here). The bracket format will be: 9 teams, Double Elimination, Best of 3 (Best of 5 Grand Final).


The prize pool is 100% funded by participants, admins, and general patrons.

  • For a prize pool of $100 or Less: Winner Take All.
  • For a prize pool of $100 - $150: First receives 75%, Second receives 25%
  • For a prize pool of $150 - $300: First receives 60%, Second receives 30%, Third receives 10%.
  • For a prize pool or $300+ : First receives 50%, Second receives 30%, Third receives 20%.

Registered Teams

Crossbar Challenge (PunToast & RecnoTech)

6 Inches and Under (Draxion & LJ)

Mammary Soup (Ermako & Memory_Soup)

Bumps and Demos (NearMicrobe4392 & awesom100)

60 Wins Per Second (Soarin Arts & xRygo)

Bumpin' and Stuntin' (hcweigand10 & UnbuiltInk92267)

whatever really (rex & Oakers)

DRAX's Worst Nightmare (SlamDuncan & lil Pepe)

TBD (treves & OttiRL)