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Cocobot, funded by the University of Washington Population Health Initiative, and built by faculty and students from all three campuses of UW, is providing caregivers of children with chronic conditions with on-demand and interactive health solutions.

Caring for Caregivers

Cocobot is designed to help caregivers manage some of the symptoms that is inherited by being a caregiver. Through unique features and empathetic responses, Cocobot's goal is to provide you the care that you need.

Built For Caregivers

User-Research Based

Through the University of Washington, Cocobot came to life through user-research data. Caregivers will have confidence to use Cocobot to help manage some of the symptoms they are experiencing.

Problem Solving Therapy (PST)

The PST is formulated for caregivers to learn strategies to reduce their own stress. The PST encourages maximum family inclusion and manage mental health. This technique teaches caregivers to positively and effectively deal with complications that may be related to their child’s pain.

Chat Anytime Anywhere

Cocobot provides 24/7 chatting on multi-platform devices. Caregivers have the opportunity to chat with Cocobot anytime and anywhere.

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Cocobot Team

University Professors

Cocobot has Nursing & Healthcare professionals to ensure accurate recommendations.

Data Analysis Team

Data Analysts team reviews research and information to provide the best experience.

Web Development

Web Developers are dedicated professionals to help bring the most current information to you.

User Design Team (UX)

UX Designers help provide users like you the most enjoyable experience through usability and design.

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