Sam Pennypacker

I am a PhD candidate, research assistant and teacher at the University of Washington in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

Clouds play a number of fundamental roles in the climate system. Their incredible complexity underlies much of the uncertainty in fully constraining human impact on the climate. My research focuses on the co-variability of clouds, aerosols and the atmospheric boundary layer in both continental and marine environments. Our goal is to develop a better understanding of fundamental cloud physical processes and constrain the impact of human activity on this coupled system. I approach my work with a combination of ground-based and satellite remote sensing, in-situ observations and simple models.

I am also passionate about teaching and outreach.

Contact Information

Email: spenny [at] uw [dot] edu


  • Article on our active learning workshop (with Kat Huybers and Robb Wills) in the UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences 2020 Newsletter (page 3)

  • Spotlight: Measuring How Clouds Respond to Seasonal Aerosol Changes over the Eastern North Atlantic (featuring some prior work)

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