Things to do in Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor is located on the San Juan Islands in Washington State. Originally, the area served as a salmon curing station before it was used to farm sheep in the 1850's. In the 1970's, it became a major tourist destination. This small but beautiful town and the surrounding areas offer visitors a variety of opportunities and adventures to participate in.

Where we are: Friday Harbor Laboratories

The Friday Harbor Labs (FHL) were founded in 1904 by a Zoology Professor at the University of Washington, Trevor Kincaid. Since then, FHL has served as a Marine Biology research station for the University. It offers year-round courses and summer classes for University of Washington students. Occasionally, students who take the introductory biology courses are also brought here on field trips.

If you wish to explore the town and the San Juan Islands before or after the conference, there are a variety of activities you can try.

Things to do during your visit

As a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of things to do in Friday Harbor. Our top 5 recommendations are:

1. Taking a wildlife cruise to go whale-watching

2. Visiting Lime Kiln State Park (popularly known as Whale Watch Park), where you can see Orca whales!

3. Visiting Roche Harbor gardens and the beautiful waterfront

4. Going Zip-lining through the San Juan Islands

5. Kayaking along the shore with friends

You can visit the Friday Harbor website for more information and other activities to try!

Be sure to take pictures of your adventures and send them to us!