Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma National Publications

The Podium

The Music Note

Publication Produced by Gamma for University of Washington Upper-Campus Bands

Autumn 2014

Winter 2015

Spring 2015

Autumn 2015

Winter 2016

Spring 2016

Autumn 2016

Winter 2018

Winter 2019

Spring 2021

The Sundodger

Publication Produced by Gamma for the University of Washington’s Husky Marching Band

Rookie 2014 (V.9, I.0.5)

October 2014(V.9, I.1)

November 2014(V.9, I.2)

December 2014(V.9, I.3)

April 2015 (V.9, I.4)

Rookie 2015 (V.10, I.1a)

Fall 2015 (V.1, I.1b)

Winter 2016 (V.10, I.3)

Rookie 2016 (V.11, I.5)

October 2016 (V.11, I.1)

Spirit Edition November 2016 (V.11, I.2)

Rookie Sundodger 2017 (V.12, I.0.5)

Veterans Day Sundodger(V.12, I.1)

End of Season Sundodger(V.12, I.3)

2019 Post-Season Sundodger(V.13, I.1)

Fall 2019

Gamma Gossip

An Alumni Newsletter to keep everyone in the loop as to what Gamma has been up to! Editorials and Blog Written by Actives of Gamma, hosted on this Website.

To submit to this blog, email articles to — articles will reviewed and edited by our Corresponding Secretary and Executive Council.

The Common Times

An Alumni Newsletter to keep everyone in the loop as to what Gamma has been up to!

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Winter 2016

Spring 2017

Spring 2018

Winter 2019

The Accent

The Accent is the official publication of The West made by you! It features the stories and happenings of The Western District and is put together by the publisher of the district every fall and spring.

Fall and Spring Packets 2018

Best Of Edition 2018

Fun Pack

The Publications committee make a “Fun Pack” for each bowl game Husky Band travels to. These pack include interesting facts and history about the location of the bowl game and opposing team, as well as crosswords, word searches and other fun activities.

Apple Cup Fun Pack

Rose Bowl Fun Pack