Gamma Playlist - Alpha Thetas

Here is the first Gamma Playlist! This playlist will highlight the experiences of the Alpha Theta class. The Alpha Thetas have been in Gamma for almost four years and have experienced a lot during their time here! The overall theme for the Alpha Thetas is that Gamma is a journey, and not a destination.

There is a lot that happens when you get involved with Gamma. Sometimes you drive a long ways for visiting band snacks. Sometimes you go out doing petting zoos. Sometimes you head out of state for leadership conferences. You never know where you are going, but you know that it will turn out completely fine and that the memories will be with you forever. Along the way, you learn a lot of wisdom about life as well. People often do what is easiest and settle rather than chase their dreams, but Gamma teaches you to strive for the highest instead of being satisfied with settling for what you have now.

Gamma can sometimes be a stressful place that asks for a lot of energy and effort, but the times when you’re able to relax and spend time together is an important part of brotherhood and has been significant to the Alpha Thetas especially. Sometimes you just need to take it easy, and if you need tips, just ask Sophie because her family’s motto is “takin it easy.” Brotherhood is what makes people smile during stressful times, and even when things are tense, makes sure you know you can always turn to the brothers for support. These brothers are there for you thick and thin. If there is anything to describe the experience of the Alpha Thetas, it is that brotherhood is what gets you through those tough times and is a huge part of what makes joining Gamma worth it.