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Doory Jr.

The origins are unknown as it was mailed to the chapter and found in the mailbox. There was no note and Theta is still unsure who gifted them their mascot. It is based off of the door from room 305a in Benton, Oregon State University's music building. The door was lying around after renovation and Theta just took it and claimed it as theirs.

At WDC 2019, we traded Carina's Narwhal of Knowledge for Doory Jr. and forgot to trade back after convention ended. We ended up having a switcheroo at National Convention 2019 to give back Doory to her rightful chapter.

Caption written by Oliver Kou, Alpha Iota
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Gift From Auburn's Pi Chapter

UW’s football 2018 season opener was a neutral site, out-of-conference game against Auburn at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, an area with which both teams were recently familiar: Auburn’s last game took place there in last season’s Peach Bowl (with a loss to the G5’s UCF) and Washington had played in the shadow of this stadium’s construction in the now demolished Georgia dome (this time as a playoff game against Auburn’s main rival Alabama that was also a loss). For players, fans, and bands that each school brought, the site was seen as a chance of redemption and a game that will define the rest of their season.

For the Husky Marching Band, the trip was V/A and a small official pep band, so an awkward group of khaki clad dawgs were our representation for the days leading up to the game. Coincidentally, part of our group was our new Grad Assistant Dan Fischer, who had previously studied at Auburn with their band, but promised to root for us. On that note, our adversary’s music delegation was nowhere to be seen.

They were first spotted on gameday, on the freeway of all places. Our single bus with local Georgia Troopers as escort had the right-of-way to pass the out-of-state Alabama Troopers’ train of uncountable buses.

The next time they were spotted was in the deep underbelly of the Georgia World Congress Center; a stately name for a place that only served as our unloading point. As far as I remember, none of us made contact with each other; their size in the hundreds while getting dressed in full uniform and doing warm up traditions occupied their attention and intimidated ours.

On a side note, Jaimia and I ran through the building and found the escalator slides that kept the band entertained in the long hours after our previous trip to this location.

After we had gone through the depths along confusing concrete corridors, we finally emerged to the stadium and to our spot in the stands a while before the game started, giving us the opportunity to finally meet our KKPsi brothers from the Pi Chapter. I’m not sure who arranged the meeting, but we agreed to come together in the concourse nearer to our side of the stadium, possibly because they had been here only last year and could navigate farther better.

We learned that their entire 380 piece band had only left school that morning and that since they were a semester school, they already started classes and practiced marching for a couple weeks. Despite their massive turnout compared to our band, Auburn only had a few more brothers present. As we talked, I mostly remember learning about their uniform policy that was distinctly more strict that what we presented to them at the time: no unnaturally dyed hair, no piercings (I don’t recall if this included pierced earlobes), no visible tattoos (one of their members showed me their small Christian cross finger tattoo hidden beneath their glove), and most poignant of all, their inability to display KKPsi recognition bars.

After chatting, we were given a painted wooden board as a gift, with Chuck Norris and both teams’ mascots on one side and our school and chapter names on the other. We took a group photo but were hindered in trying to not have a 30 foot tall stack of kegs with a giant beer logo across the side in the frame. We then said goodbye and went our separate ways. They later gave us great shows for both pregame and halftime as the largest single group that we had ever seen, especially compared to our small size at the time.

Unfortunately we lost that game, but both of our fanbases’ initial outlook was incorrect on the impact of this. The losing Washington ended up with a superior season and conference record as well as a conference title landing them in the “Granddaddy of Them All” Rose Bowl and the winning Auburn was relegated to the nicknameless Music City Bowl after another harsh season.

Caption written by Dylan Majewski, Alpha Kappa
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Gift From Eta: Buckeye Necklace

Right before halftime at the Rose Bowl (2019), I and a bunch of other Gamma bros met up with some Brothers from the Eta Chapter from Ohio State. It was really fun to meet them and sing the hymn together! Before we sang, one of their Brothers gave me this buckeye necklace; I was VPM at the time, but since our president at the time didn’t make it over to the meet-up, they gave it to me. The necklace spent the rest of the Rose Bowl in my uniform pocket, including when I went out to march halftime. I was really honored because it’s such a unique symbol of the bonds we share even though we come from different ends of the country, and it’s a piece of their school’s culture that they wanted to share with us.

Caption written by Baylor Blair, Alpha Kappa
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Family Ribbons

Within the Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi there are four surviving families from our recharter in 1993. The photos above are depictions created by Dylan Majewski, an Alpha Kappa, to represent the four different ribbons that are worn by Brothers. Each ribbon is made of different colors that represent the colors each family is associated with. The photos from left to right show the Caldwell, Shepp-Craig, Schunke, and Rogers family ribbons.
Caption written by Jenna Yee, Alpha Lambda
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Display Board 2020

This year I had the pleasure of creating the display board to represent the 2019-2020 Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. This is an annual project of the Historian and is meant to be presented at the Western District Convention (WDC), however, due to the Coronavirus outbreak in early 2020 the convention was moved to be entirely virtual. The process of creating a display board for presentation to other chapters is a large and somewhat overwhelming task, but I was very lucky and remain incredibly grateful to the many amazing Brothers who helped me create the finished masterpiece. One of our main goals was to incorporate elements of Gamma and Seattle to really showcase who we are as a chapter. I feel we did this well through our addition of the Waluigi hat atop the G of Gamma as well as our Starbucks coffee cup with Boh's face on the Siren. Although the finished display board was never able to be formally presented, it lives for the time being as a fixture of my living room and remains a creation I am incredibly proud of.

Caption written by Jenna Yee, Alpha Lambda, Historian 2019-2020
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Pub Mix

I won’t sugar coat it, Gamma doesn’t have an official mascot. Similarly, we don’t partake in nicknames or making paddles. Maybe it’s the distance from other chapters, at least a 4 hour drive... sigh, or some other factor. Either way, I am perfectly content without having a chapter mascot. The closest thing we have to a chapter mascot is an empty pub mix container. In recent years, when we occupied a room for elections or voting for hours, there was always pub mix present. It has been a constant for our chapter and honestly, it might be fair to say it’s the snack of choice outside of clementines, of course. We haven’t had a chapter mascot since we were rechartered in 1991, but that isn’t to say it won’t change in the future. We’ll leave it up to the future brothers of Gamma to decide but for now, catch us with our pub mix!

Caption written by Oliver Kou, Alpha Iota