Fraternity Music

Fraternity Hymn

The Fraternity Hymn was submitted at the 1995 National Convention by the Eta Gamma Chapter from Morgan State University and Brother Scott Jeffery Heckstall, Jr. (Eta Gamma 1977). The hymn is based on the hymn “Someday”. The hymn was adopted as the official hymn of our Fraternity during the 1995 National Convention at Separate Session # 3 on August 3, 1985.

Fraternity Song

The Fraternity Song was submitted by the Beta Delta Chapter from Sam Houston State University and adopted by the National Chapter during Separate Session # 6 on August 8, 1975. The Fraternity Song was arranged by Todd Malicoate of the Alpha Chapter in 1987. The new arrangement was adopted at the 1987 National Convention during Separate Session # 6 on July 31, 1987.