Fraternity Flag

During the 1987 National Convention at the University of Michigan, the History and Traditions Committee was presented with the idea of creating a national flag. G.R. Schaag, Life Member of the Eta Sigma Chapter at the University of Central Florida presented the idea of a flag to the committee. Brother Schaag had designed a chapter flag for Eta Sigma and noted that Tau Beta Sigma had a national flag so he presented the proposal to the committee. The National Chapter approved the idea. The 1987 committee charged the National Council to seek out design proposals from brothers during the 1987-1989 biennium.

At the 1989 National Convention at Oklahoma State University, several brothers, including Brother Schaag, submitted designs for the flag to the History and Traditions committee. The committee approved Brother Schaag’s design and presented it to the national chapter for adoption. The flag design was adopted at this convention. However, the flag was still not ready for distribution or purchase by chapters.

In 1991 at the National Convention at the University of Maryland, the Ritual and Regalia Committee was charged with discussing whether the symbolism of the flag adopted at the 1989 National Convention warranted a place in our Ritual. The committee felt that the flag was significant enough to be placed in the Ritual and the National Chapter adopted the recommendation unanimously.

At the 1993 National Convention at Purdue University, the National Chapter selected a vendor to manufacture the flag and agreed that the flag would be secured by chapters through the National Headquarters. The Fraternity Flag became available for use by chapters in the 1993-1995 biennium.