INT Program INT-19-2b

Heavy-Quark Physics and Fundamental Symmetries

August 12 - September 6, 2019

Highlights Report

Organizers: Aoife Bharucha, Andreas Crivellin, William Detmold, Martin Hoferichter

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While the LHC has not directly observed any new particles, in the last years several experiments have found strong indications for New-Physics contributions in semi-leptonic B-meson decays. However, in many cases, the significance of the observation crucially depends on hadronic form factors, with profound consequences for the interpretation of the experimental measurements and their impact on models of physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM).

In the "Heavy-Quark Physics and Fundamental Symmetries" program the details of the hadronic input were discussed. This included the perspectives from lattice QCD, light-cone sum rules, effective field theories, and analyticity constraints, as well as the impact on BSM model building. In particular, there were detailed discussions between experiment and theory as well as among scientists from different research fields within the theory community. In addition to reviewing the current status in each field, the program led to several interesting ideas and collaborations important for future progress, not only in semi-leptonic B-physics, but also in related processes.