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Recent News Highlights

April 2020

Dr. Jac Clark and Yuhang Yang's paper on electrochemical oxidation of pharmaceuticals in urine prepublished in ChemRxiv

Point-source electrochemical oxidation of source-separated urine is desirable, as it provides an avenue to destroy pharmaceuticals before dilution with wastewater. Here we have reported that the high urea content of fresh human urine suppresses the formation of oxychloride by inhibiting formation of HOCl/OCl‒ during electrolysis. While it still enables the oxidation of pharmaceuticals by •OH due to the slow rate of urea oxidation by •OH. This results in improved performance in each case when compared to equivalent treatment of synthetic hydrolyzed urine. Find the preprint here.

February 2020

Dr. Ryan Stoddard and Dr. Wiley Dunlap-Shohl's paper on machine learning to forecast degradation of perovskite thin films and devices to appear in ACS Energy Letters

In ACS Energy Letters, we report that use of linear machine learning models can be used to accurately forecast degradation-based evolution of PV device-relevant properties in perovskite thin films for a range of temperature, humidity, and illumination intensity. We also show these predictive models can be extended to devices by use of dark field microscope imaging. Link to Ryan and Wiley's paper.

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