Services We Offer

  • Learn about finances

    • Budgeting and financial planning

    • Credit and credit cards

    • Student loans

    • FAFSA or WASFA and other financial aid opportunities

    • Emergency grant services on campus

  • Sign up for/get directed to public benefits like:

    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly Food Stamps)

    • Rental, move in fee, or mortgage payment assistance

    • Reduced fare transportation

  • Learn about campus and community resources:

    • Husky Pantry Curbside Pickup

    • Kodiak Cave

    • Hopelink Mobile Market

    • Find potential utility discounts

    • ...and more! If you don't see what you need on this list, make an appointment anyway! We'll do our best to help you get connected to the resources and services you need.

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Normally located in ARC-120 (HaWRC Office in the Activities and Recreation Center), the Benefits Hub and all of its services are now fully online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Benefits Hub Coach

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Benefits Hub Coach

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Free Tax Preparation

Taxes are due May 17th!!

If you still need help filing, you can go in person to the Dearborn St Seattle Goodwill on Tues or Fri starting at 10 am.

Otherwise, to file for free on your own, go to and get our free tax preparation software, which includes a guided walkthrough if you need it.

Health Insurance Explained

Listen to Ree explain how health insurance works and where to go to get free or low cost health insurance.

Open Enrollment was extended until May 15th in 2021! If you are uninsured or had major life changes, now's the time to get connected!

Links From Video

Financial Aid / Grant Information

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Emergency Grants

UW Bothell Grants

UW Bothell students may be eligible for an Emergency Grant provided by the CARE Team.

The CARE Team services:

The CARE Team's goal is to create a user-friendly experience for our community while providing student support from the appropriate campus experts. We strive to provide private, proactive and supportive consultation, assessment, response, and education regarding students who may be in distress or at risk.

If you are experiencing a financial struggle or crisis, you may be eligible for a $1000 emergency grant through the CARE Team to help cover a variety of one-time/short-term expenses. To apply for an emergency grant, you can fill out the report linked on the CARE Team page and select 'Emergency Funds' in the form. You will need to have copies of receipts or bill statements prepared in order to fully complete an application.

If you would like to apply for an emergency grant and want help or have questions, schedule an appointment with the Benefits Hub:

Cascadia College Grants

Aroha Compassion Grant

Students who encounter emergency circumstances that present a barrier to attending school or achieving their academic goals may apply for emergency financial assistance through the Cascadia College Foundation. Emergency grants award up to $1,000 for a variety of one-time/short-term expenses. Contact the CARE team online or at to discuss your situation and apply.

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Looking for COVID-19 resources?

United Way of King County has put together an extensive list of resources to help with disruptions caused by COVID-19. Whether you're looking for unemployment help, food access, financial assistance, or something else, check here to see what might be available. As always, if you have any questions, please email us at