Call for Invited Speakers

Data Then and Now

Academic Year 2019-2020

We are soliciting applications for guest speakers for “Data Then and Now,” an annual invited lecture series at the University of Washington that resides at the intersection of data science and STS. At least half of our speakers will be selected from a pool of applicants who respond to this call for applications.

We are looking to bring scholars to the UW campus between January and May, 2020. If you are interested in being one of our speakers, please read and complete this application (available dates are listed therein). Consideration of applications will begin October 1st, 2019 and will continue until all spots are filled.

The title and theme of the seminar series, 'Data, Then and Now', is intended to evoke a sense of historicism about what was data (whether 1540, 1980, or 2017), along with the emerging present of data (whether 1540, 1980, or 2017). Talks need not be straight histories of data technologies or practices, but the point of the series overall is to draw out the antecedents and continuities of our current data-centric moment. For this speaker series we are looking for STS scholars (broadly construed, but not too broadly), who will share their research on related topics. Please check out the talks from last year, but don’t feel limited by them.

Talks should be “tuned” for a highly diverse audience in terms of disciplinary background, as we expect a mix of STS scholars and researchers who practice data intensive computational methods. We encourage scholarship that engages technical issues but does so in a "human readable" manner. We welcome examinations of political topics (of whatever flavor), but done in a politic manner. We are excited by theory, but more so if done via grounded empirical investigations. We welcome applications from senior faculty, junior faculty, postdocs, as well as visiting or research professors.

The speaker series is a collaboration between the eScience Institute, the Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering, the Information School, and the Science, Technology and Society Studies program at the University of Washington.

Hotel, travel, and group dinner expenses will be covered. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot support visa applications, and can only pay for travel from North America. Scholars from other regions are welcome to apply if they will be in North America for some other reason and would be willing to tack on a trip to Seattle.

Apply here.