Daniel N. Scott

About Me

I am a Senior Geomorphologist at Watershed Science and Engineering and a Research Scientist at the University of Washington Department of Earth and Space Sciences. My research focuses on how rivers change through time and how humans change rivers. In particular, I am studying how wood jams change through time and shape river valley bottoms, how we can use geomorphic complexity as a monitoring and assessment tool for river restoration that seeks to restore dynamic fluvial processes, and how we can better quantify the wood regime in rivers. For more information about my specific research projects, see the Projects page.

My past work has focused primarily on wood in rivers and organic carbon storage in valley bottom wood and soil. I use field observations combined with statistical modeling to make inferences about the nature of a landscape, the processes by which it evolves, and what it may look like in the future. I spend a lot of time around rivers, and that drives my curiosity to figure out how they work.


scott 93 @ uw . edu

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