Climate & Environmental Justice in Education Graduate Seminar

Winter 2023 Graduate Seminar: Urgent Topics in Climate & Environmental Justice Education

How should we promote learning in order to create more just, regenerative, and flourishing conditions for all Earthly beings, human and otherwise?

Working through perspectives of care, wellbeing, and equity, the participants in this graduate seminar will collectively inquire into how climate and environmental justice can be promoted through varied contexts of education. Over the term, we will explore topics, exemplars, and possibilities of interest and obligation to our learning community. We have chosen to make our collaborative activities public online in order to invite others into this learning experience with us. In the interest of helping cultivate broader awareness and engagement in these efforts, please make use of these resources as you would like.

To learn more about our initial points of departure, see the detailed course description. We will update this site over time with readings, resources, and products of our shared inquiry. We also invite you to follow along and join in our inquiry on Mastodon at #UWClimateEd.

If you would like, you can also explore the 2021 run of this course.

Philip Bell

I am an equity-focused learning scientist in the College of Education at the University of Washington who collaborates with educational practitioners and community members to help people learn about science, engineering, climate, and environment in ways that are consequential to them. I am committed to developing educational approaches that build capacity for intersectional pedagogical approaches, ecological caring, multispecies justice and kinship, and community response initiatives centered on justice from anti-racist, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist perspectives.