2021 Action Auction

Building Community, One Bid at a Time

UUCR’s premier fun-raising event of the year that will delight your palate and aesthetic sensibilities, address practical needs, connect you with UUCR members in new ways, open your mind and – we hope – your wallet!

Please donate your events and items by November 8, to allow the Auction staff some time to transfer the information into the new system.

The 2021 Action Auction Catalog can be reviewed at this link

2021 Action Auction Preview Catalog

The entire event will be online this year, ending with a fun Zoom party after worship on December 12. There will be wonderful items to bid on, as always! We will also provide off-line ways to make donations and to bid, for people who prefer that. Bidding opens December 5.

What can I donate?

Donations will be accepted beginning October 10 and continuing through November 8. You can donate online, or if you have issues donating online, please reach out to the Auction team at this email : actionauctiondonations@uucr.org.

As with last year, we are mindful of health hazards posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. People who donate tangible items and the successful bidders who buy them will make their own pickup arrangements. Some donated services and events may need to be modified (e.g. holding events outdoors or indoors) to accommodate health safety needs, consistent with CDC guidance at the time events are held and services rendered. (Those details are to be worked out by the parties involved.)

Donations generally fall into these categories:

  • Excursions & vacations (including vacation homes)

  • Dining with friends (indoors, zoom, or outdoors, as dictated by health concerns)

  • Brunches & lunches (self-explanatory)

  • Services of brain and brawn, spirit and skill

  • Sharing talents & knowledge (e.g. music, yoga, and language lessons)

  • UUCR art, from our secure hidden vault

  • Bakery, for that all-important sugar fix

  • Beer and wine raffles

  • A new none-of-the-above category: My favorite things. This excludes ordinary and small garage sale items, but instead features donated items that either are likely to sell for more than a pittance, or were created by you.

You are encouraged to offer anything else that someone might bid on that doesn’t belong in any of those categories.

For more ideas, browse the 2019 Action Auction catalog or the 2020 Action Auction catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Action Auction?

The Auction is usually a big party for our extended congregation, held at UUCR, with food, drink, and lots of items and events to bid on. It’s also UUCR’s biggest fundraiser. But as we did last year, this year's auction will be held online.

How can I donate items for the auction?

Donations can be made online, or if you have issues donating online, please reach out to the actionauctiondonations@uucr.org. Donations will be accepted beginning October 10 and continuing through November 8.

Please be mindful of the coronavirus-related restrictions when designing your event or service.

How will events work this year?

Whether events will be offered indoors or involve cozy carpooling will be determined by safety guidelines supplied by the CDC. Event donors are encouraged to be flexible in order to accommodate safety precautions deemed necessary at the time of the event. Also, arrangements for delivery of purchased items will be worked out between the donor and successful bidder.

How does the online auction work?

The event will be entirely online. You will be able to bid for a week, beginning Dec. 5, prior to the final Zoom party on Dec 12.

Bidding and item descriptions will be online or through the Auctria phone app. The link to the special website, and instructions for bidding, will be posted here. Bids made by telephone and email will also be accepted. In addition to the online catalog, we will prepare a traditional catalog, both in print and as a pdf file.

What’s this I hear about raffles?

There will be three raffles offered. The time-honored wine raffle, which features a selection of 12 bottles of fine wine, will again be offered. And for the fourth year we will be offering a beer raffle, which will offer a fine selection of large bottles of craft beer ranging from 22 oz. bombers to 750 ml similar to wine bottles, which are all designed for sharing. Raffle tickets cost $10 each and a maximum of 100 tickets will be sold for each of these two raffles.

A third raffle will be offered, called Pick a Sermon Theme, where the winner will propose a theme for a sermon given by Rev. Rebekah, and then work with her to lay out the scope and direction the sermon will take.

Unfortunately, there is no quilt this year and no quilt raffle.

What's the Art auction?

A curated set of 8 original works from UUCR’s art collection will be auctioned individually. Must see!

A note from Laura Huff about the Art curation

For the Art Auction, Liliane Blom, Sherry Dittmann, and I, of the Selection Committee, chose eight artworks from the church's 60+-piece art collection, begun by the Aesthetics Committee in the 1970s. We looked for a variety of styles, media, sizes, and prices. Just half of the chosen group were purchased from an exhibit here, using a special fund grown by the 20% commission charged each artist for sales of their work. The other half were donated by UUCR members. In three cases, the work was bought from a show and later donated back to our collection.

As chairperson of the Aesthetics Committee for many years, I remembered each piece and how it was acquired (except for the church stained glass window, brought in by Judy Eisenhauer the day the committee made our decisions.) In writing about the artists, I was overcome with gratitude that they shared their work with us in exceptional shows, each one very different from the others. As I put together their bios from my memories and some of their statements I had saved, I appreciated how different and how exceptional the artists were also. Looking back, I feel so privileged to have been a part of these art exhibits, working with the artists and getting to know them, and then helping to choose some of their work to share with friends and members of UUCR.

Thank you all,

Laura Huff

How can I help?

We will need folks to do many things!

  • Enter donated items into the system and review donated items for correctness

  • Track payments and delivery of items

  • Act as proxies

  • Encourage friends, near and far, to participate!

To volunteer, please reach out to the Auction team at this email : actionauction@uucr.org.

When will bidding open?

Bidding will open December 5, and close on Sunday, December 12, 2021, at 8:00 p.m.

When will the catalog be available?

The catalog will be online at charityauction.bid/UUCRActionAuction (click on the "Catalog" link at the top) in mid November. The Auction team will alert everyone.

Do I have to buy a ticket?

There will be no entrance fee this year. Anyone can bid by registering on the special Auction website, which you can do yourself or with assistance from a member of the Auction team.

I can't attend, but I would like to bid. How can I do that?

Because it’s online, you can bid from wherever you are! But you can also ask a friend to be your proxy bidder. Please let us know in advance via email to actionauction@uucr.org so that we can have your bidder number ready for your proxy. Of course, you are responsible to pay for any winning bids made in your name by your proxy.

Can you put my bids into the computer for me?

Yes! Ask a friend (maybe someone on the Auction team?) to be your proxy bidder.

When will I find out what I've won?

You can find out what you’ve won by following the bidding online or by using the Auctria phone app. If you don’t have a computer, we will notify you by phone or other means.

How will I pay for what I’ve won?

When you register, you can enter a credit card number to allow you to pay online. It is not stored by Auctria, but is sent directly and securely to a major credit-card processing company, Stripe.com, who store it in their secure system. If you are not paying online, we will send you an invoice. Please make your payments by Friday, Dec. 17.

How do I collect the items that I win?

Please make arrangements directly with the donor. But do contact us if you need assistance.

How can I get more information?

Please reach out to the Auction team at this email : Actionauction@uucr.org

For help using the auction software, Auctria, look here or email actionauctiondonations@uucr.org.