UTs Online


Dear UTS Parents,

If any of you have specific questions or concerns you are invited to contact me directly at revans@utschool.ca.

If you would like to connect for a conversation by telephone or a "Google Meet", please contact me or my assistant Murray MacMillan at murray.macmillan@utschools.ca.

If you would like to ask questions about our academic program, including specific courses please contact Head of Academics, Marc Brims at marc.brims@utschools.ca.

To discuss support for your child, or university admissions, please contact Nancy Dawe at nancy.dawe@utschools.ca.

To discuss our co-curricular program, including graduation and prom, please contact Garry Kollins at gkollins@utschools.ca.

Garth Chalmers, Vice Principal, and UTSPA liaison is also available, at gchalmers.utschools.ca.


Important Upcoming Dates

  • August 7: Deadline to complete the family survey, which was sent on July 24.

  • August 11, 7 p.m.: Back to School Parent evening. A link to the event will be emailed.

Rosemary Evans

Send your questions to covidquestion@utschools.ca