We partner with various businesses, organisations and startups in Utrecht and the Netherlands.

Utrecht Centre for ENtrepreneurship

The Centre for Entrepreneurship connects all activities on entrepreneurship education and research at Utrecht University. Their goal is for the university to become an empowering environment that supports students and staff to creatively pursue new opportunities, possibilities and innovations. As a centre of expertise, they encourage the development of relevant courses, programmes and co-curricular activities and provide information and inspiration.

Utrecht Holdings

Utrecht Holdings is the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) of Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht. They are focused on the utilisation and commercialisation of academic research. They support scientists in creating, building and investing in innovations with a particular expertise in biotech, medtech, education and ICT.


The Utrecht University Business Course was founded in 2013 by three students. They perceived a gap in linking practice to theory in the current master curriculum. To fill this gap, they founded this programme that aims to bring students closer to real working experience.

Dutch SE

DutchSE joins the forces of local student entrepreneurship communities and in that way creates a strong national network. The goal is to use this network in order to increase the means of knowledge and passion of student entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

UU talks- Green Office

The UU Talks are “Ted Talk” style lectures designed to give students a platform on which to present their research and personal passion in the field of sustainability and to disseminate new and exciting research, activities and ideas to the public. The sustainability theme remains intentionally broad so as to incorporate the largest composition of fields, from political science to environmental science to economics to innovation to urban planning.

Sustainable healthcare challenge

The Sustainable Healthcare Challenge (SHC) is a foundation that inspires, stimulates and facilitates students and young professionals through three events to do business in health care. The SHC brings together enterprising young people, professionals and healthcare institutions. Read more about our Mission & Vision.