UI StudentS Challenge

ready to bring science into business?

The aim of the UISC (UtrechtInc Students Challenge) is to translate academic research into marketable products and services, thereby contributing to society and science as a whole.

In a 12-week program (February-May 2019) teams of 3-5 multidisciplinary master students from the UU and UMCU will be working ,part-time, on a combination of prototypes and business ventures based on the results of highly innovative academic research projects.

Benefits for students:

  • Learn how to build a business case and do market research for scientific innovation
  • Experience working with other highly motivated entrepreneurial students from outside of your own study program
  • If the business case is successful, the chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new research based startup
  • Get a certificate of participation from the UU Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • The winning team will receive a prize !