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Virtual TN 4-H Electric Camp

Tennessee 4-H is excited to share the 2020 Virtual 4-H Electric Camp!

To join in the fun visit: tiny.utk.edu/4HEC2020

Sheep & Goat Show

The sheep and goat show will be September 26th

The show committee is planning to do a cattle show as well on September 25th (Flyer coming soon).

For more Information, please contact:

Renn Lawson - 423-327-2278

Edwin Cope 423-327-4034

Cattle Show

The cattle show on September 25th

For more Information, please contact:

Rodney Cobble 423-312-3829

Edwin Cope 423-327-4034

Tri-Cities 4-H Goat Show

In an effort to still provide an event for goat project members this year's Tri-Cities 4-H Goat Show will be an online event. Details can be found in the flyer.

(The goal of the video is to provide our judge the opportunity to view the animals on the move and from all sides. The video should include the exhibitor leading their goat one lap around the judge/camera; and then setting up their animal for the judge/camera to walk around. If possible try to pause a few seconds on each side of the animal.) The video posted here is an example of this process, and yes we know the example uses a sheep.

Tri-Cities 4-H Goat Skill-a-thon: Links will be posted on September 25.

Junior (grades 4-5):

Junior High (grades 6-8):

Senior High (grades 9-12):

Tri-Cities 4-H Goat Show Flyer_2020.pdf

Virtual Horse Academy

  • There will be a Virtual Horse Academy during the month of November.

  • The educational Zoom sessions are open to 4-H youth ages 13 and up, coaches, volunteers and extension staff. The practice horse judging contest is open to youth over 13 years of age.

  • Interested participants should register by Oct 12 at http://tiny.utk.edu/HORSEACADEMY (Note first you will fill out a Qualtrics survey and then it will send you to the website for payment)

  • More information is available now and will be added over the next couple weeks via our website at www.4hroundup.com

Nov 5th at 7pm

Ask the Judges - Everything you want to know about National Level Communication Contests

Nov 1-7th

Virtual Horse Judging Practice Contest

Nov 1-7th, and Nov 12th at 7pm

Phase Strategy Videos Released, Panel Discussion (Nov 12th at 7pm)

Nov 19th at 7pm

Horse Bowl Contest, Competitive Edge Panel Discussion