Professor Vasileios Maroulas directs the Maroulas Research Group (MRG) at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. We develop novel AI methods at the interface of machine learning, computational Bayesian statistics, and topological and geometric data analysis. Our mathematically rigorous and statistically robust algorithms have science, engineering, and national defense applications. In addition, some of these algorithms are ready to be implemented in a quantum computer. MRG has secured funding from several federal agencies, including AFOSR, ARO, DoE, VA and NSF; national labs, such as ARL and ORNL; and foundations and private firms, e.g., Simons Foundation, Leverhulme Foundation, Thor Industries, and Eastman.

MRG is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we encourage applications from students and postdocs who will contribute to furthering these goals.  

Group Members

Vasileios Maroulas, PI

Professor of Mathematics

Chair of Science Informed AI Cluster

Chief Editor: Foundations of Data Science 

Editor: Statistics and Computing

Senior Advisory Editor: ACM Transactions on Probabilistic Machine Learning

Publications: Google Scholar

Software: GitHub

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Wyatt Mackey

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sandra Nguemto

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Brittany Story

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jeremy Watts

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Bernardo Ameneyro 

Graduate Research Assistant

Andrew Deas

Graduate Research Assistant

Jared Deighton

Graduate Research Assistant

Hayden Everett

Graduate Research Assistant

Patrick Gillespie

Graduate Research Assistant

Sarah Harkins

Graduate Research Assistant

Robert Smith

Undergraduate Graduate Research Assistant

Former Group Members

Postdoctoral Research Associates 

Austin Lawson (2021-22), Data Scientist at Pellissippi College

Farzana Nasrin (2018-20), Assistant Professor at University of Hawaii Manoa

Ioannis Sgouralis (2014-16), Assistant Professor at University of Tennessee Knoxville

Jake Ferguson (2014-15), Assistant Professor at University of Hawaii Manoa

Dwueng-Chwuan (Tony) Jhwueng (2010-12), Associate Professor at Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Graduate Research Associates 

Edward Mitchell (PhD 2023), Head Principal Machine Learning Research Scientist at Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute

Ephy Love (PhD 2021), Head of Data Science at Thalamus

Chris Oballe (PhD 2020), Postdoc at University of Notre Dame

Cassie Micucci (PhD 2020), Machine Learning Engineer at Eastman

Adam Spannaus (PhD 2020), Postdoc at Oak Ridge National Lab

Le Yin (PhD 2020), Senior R&D Scientist at Metis Pharmaceuticals

Xiaoyang Pan (PhD 2018), Quant at BB&T

Josh Mike (PhD 2017), Postdoc at Michigan State University

Andrew Marchese (PhD 2017), Senior Data Scientist at New York Times

Kai Kang (PhD 2016), CSAIL Postdoc at MIT

Toumy Haya (Master's 2015), Principal Data Scientist at Capital One

John Collins (Master's 2013), Data Scientist at Thalamus

Daniel Rose (Master's 2013), TN Department of Transportation

Yang Shen (Master's 2012), Director at Fannie Mae

Undergraduate Research Associates 

Owen Queen (BSc in Math and CS 2022), Harvard University

Sai Thatigotla (BSc in Math and CS 2022)

Aaron Stapleton (BSc in Math and Statistics 2020), Cornell University