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Chick Chain

It's time to start thinking about the Chick Chain Project! Sign up here.

What exactly is the Chick Chain? This program allows you to be the caretaker for 10 baby chicks from the time they are 2-3 days old up through adulthood. The Chick Chain is the perfect animal project for those families that might not have room for larger livestock, but still want to be involved!

There are 5 breeds of chickens that you may choose from:

  • Plymouth Barred Rock

  • Black Sex Link

  • Golden Sex Link

  • Rhode Island Red

  • Easter Eggers

A single batch of chickens is 10 baby chicks of one breed. You may not mix breeds within single batches. If you would like more than one breed then you will have to purchase more than one batch of birds.

Each batch of birds costs $30. This is a refundable $30! All you have to do is bring 3 of your best birds back to the show/sale to take place in October of 2021. If you purchase more than one batch, you will need to bring back the correct number of birds per batch to receive your entire deposit back.

Deadline to sign up is February 28th. Please mail checks to our office! Feel free to call us at 865-458-5612 with any questions you might have!

To sign up, click here.

Barnyard Bingo

With spring approaching, it is almost time for lambs to start arriving at Ms. Megan's farm. This year, she would love for you all to be involved in a fun way!

Barnyard Bingo will allow everyone to be a part of the 2021 lambing season without actually being in the lambing barn! Here's how it's going to work.

  • Follow the link to the Barnyard Bingo page. All of the instructions and materials are posted there.

  • When you vote for which sheep you think will be the first to lamb, be sure to check out the Meet the Mommas slideshow if you would like to see the sheep you are voting for!

  • Results will not be tallied until late April or early May! As much as Ms. Megan wishes she already knew the answers to Barnyard Bingo, she has to play the waiting game too.

Barnyard Bingo is open to everyone! There will be separate divisions for age groups, which means there are more chances to win!

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