In 1963 a group of women wanted to curl in in the evening and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Williams donated the Glenplaidies Trophy. The Glenplaidies is the top rung of the women's ladder. Players are drafted by eligible skips; games are 8 ends.

  • When: Second half, Wednesday, 5:45pm

  • Chair: Liz Kaido

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Current Standings

2020 Glenplaidies standings

Current Champions

2019 Champions: Knyoca Law, Susan Williams, Julie Carter*, Lisa Light*

Historical Standings

Previous Winners

  • 2020: Cindy Brown, Lis DeGironimo, Carrie Casab, Vicki Sheardown

  • 2019: Knyoca Law, Susan Williams, Julie Carter*, Lisa Light*

  • 2018: Brenda Citriniti, Knyoca Law, Cindy Wydysh, Bernadette DiMeo

  • 2017: Cindy Brown, Carrie Casab, Dee Pfohl, Kate Alcott*

  • 2016: Anne Stuhlman, M.J. Walsh, Brielynn Twitchell, Sara Keen

  • 2015: Kathy Palazzoli, Melon Sofinsi, Cindy Wydysh, Karen Barnes

  • 2014: Michelle MacEnroe, Susan Williams, Peggy Caneen, Frances Ciolino

  • 2013: Anne Stuhlman, Carrie Casab, Jan Rishel, Cassie Samel*

  • 2012: Anne Stuhlman, Brenda Citriniti, Audrey Foote, Dee Pfohl

  • 2011: Liz Williams, Rachel Ryan, Carrie Casab, Claire Bariess

  • 2010: Cindy Brown, Katlyn Beebe, Dawn Scherer, Ann Kebabian

  • 2009: Karen Rogowski, Sue Williams, Liz Nolan, Dawn Scherer

  • 2008: Melon Sofinski, Carol Jones, Ann Kebabian, Dawn Scherer*

  • 2007: Anne Stuhlman, Bryn Piersma, Clare Bariess, Knyoca Law

  • 2006: Michele MacEnroe, Sue Williams, Jennifer Crane, Ann Kebabian*

  • 2005: Denise Fusco, Laura Jacon, Bryn Piersma, Jennifer Crane*

  • 2004: Lis DeGironimo, Anne Stuhlman, Cheri Gaebel, Donna West

  • 2003: Chris Gleason, Melon Sofinski, Heather Swiercz, Marty Jones

  • 2002: Denise Fusco, Barb Kicinski, Heather Swiercz, Mary Ann Spinelli

  • 2001: Caitlin Costello, Eydie Savett, Renata Swiercz, Kate Alcott

  • 2000: Caitlin Costello, Deb Morehouse, Renate Swiercz, Dana Hobika

  • 1999: Peggy Rotton, Mary Sexton, Fran Small, Melon Sofinski*

  • 1998: Cindy Brown, Martha Hoffman, Sharon Evans, Cindy Ciaralli

  • 1997: Denise Fusco, Carol Jones, Cathy Darche, Jean Rinehard*

  • 1996: FIRE

  • 1995: Lori Clark, Marj Moore, Linda Bankit, Jeanne Galvin

  • 1994: Sharon Halligan, Sue Rauscher, Ginger Zillioux, Mary Grove

  • 1993: Sharon Halligan, Danielle Bougourd, Joan Shields, Suzanne Ernst

  • 1992: Barb Kicinski, Denise Fusco, Marj Moore, Linda Rance

  • 1991: Ylva Cortright, Peggy Rotton, Chris Gleason, Sue Hilton

  • 1990: Jaye Blatter, Gail Macner, Diane York, Jane Bramley*

  • 1989: Joyce Shaffer, Bonnie Muench, Gloria Capelli, Diane Yorkv

  • 1988: Jaye Blatter, Peggy Rotton, Angela Nassar, Beth Burkett

  • 1987: Sharon Halligan, Roxanne Giovannone, Diane Sandler, Ann Singleton

  • 1986: Sharon Halligan, Diane Pirnie, Merry Ellen Hudson, Martha Hoffman

  • 1985: Sharon Halligan, Ylva Cortright, Merry Ellen Hudson, Donna Yando

  • 1984: Dale Gagnon, Jennifer Edmunds, Betsy Brennan, Donna Yando

  • 1983: Sharon Halligan, Karen Elsenback, Martha Hoffman, Edie Brittelli

  • 1982: Sharon Halligan, Karen McHarris, Martha Hoffman

  • 1981: Sharon Halligan, Karen McHarris, Jen Capelli, Jeanne Coletti

  • 1980: Sharon Halligan, Barbara Weaver, Jennifer Friedel, Barbara Starnes

  • 1979: Sharon Risley, Daine Caine, Janice Capelli, Mary Francis Smith

  • 1978: Sharon Risley, Donna Evans, Ruth Kuchler, Nancy Lalonde

  • 1977: Sharon Risley, Dale Tenney, Sally Morehouse, Angela Elias

  • 1976: Ellen Boerger, Marge Middaugh, Barbara Cale, Marge McDonald

* first year curler indicated when known