Transition Plan

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The DHHS Transition Plan as outlined in State Agency Realignment (H.B. 365, 2021) includes recommendations, tasks, and path forward to become a legally operational Utah Department of Health & Human Services by July 1, 2022.

Thousands participated in meetings, provided input and actively worked alongside us to gather, evaluate, inform, and align the elements of our departments to best serve the people of Utah. This consolidation process has allowed us to not only identify challenges and barriers to accessing care for those most in need, but also opportunities to unify services, reduce redundancies, improve equity, and offer more efficient services. The plan reflects your extensive contributions and will support implementation as we work to realize the vision for the new Utah Department of Health & Human Services of ensuring all Utahns have fair and equitable opportunities to live healthy and safe lives through the establishment of a seamless system of services and programs that are high-quality, customer-focused and effective.

Highlights include:

  • Our planning process from start to now

  • How we have engaged public and partners in this process

  • Efforts to avoid disruption of services and finances

  • Alignment of programs and services, including integrating physical and behavioral health with Medicaid, and federal waiver programs in long-term services and supports

  • Actions towards improving customer experience and performance outcomes

  • Distribution of budget line items

  • Priorities for technology improvements

  • Reporting timeline for implementation progress

Your input will be more important than ever as we begin to implement the plan. We encourage you to continue to reach out with your questions and ideas through the feedback form or to invite us to a meeting or presentation where this information may be helpful. We’ll also continue to update you on our implementation progress every two weeks on our Transition Plan page until we are legally a new department on July 1, 2022.

Transition Plan Dec. 2021.pdf

Twice Monthly Transition Plan Implementation Progress Update: June 29, 2022

1. Completed items

  • This is the final bimonthly update.

  • External website Is live

  • Internal employee website Is live.

  • Social media channels now reflect new name and new handles (@UtahDHHS).

  • Appointed Office of Customer Experience director and interim director for Licensing and Background Checks.

2. Key activities (including stakeholder engagement)

  • Press conference for July 1 scheduled to coincide with birthday of Martha Hughes Cannon at Utah State Capitol.

  • All staff consolidation celebration webinar scheduled for July 1, 2022.

  • Agency performance measures adopted; stakeholder webinar scheduled for July 6, 2022

  • Drafting, reviewing and approving internal, department policies

  • Updating building signage

  • Move active directory files to combined DHHS server without expected prolonged disruption

3. Expected completed items in the next two weeks

  • Phase 2 of website redesign (correlating all other division websites)

  • July 1 - Merger complete - The work goes on!