LRC Website Updates

Last updated: Feb. 3, 2020

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Where has ER gone?

We had a security incident which compromised our servers. Our ability to provide access to electronic resources is now limited to patrons on campus.

I'm not on campus. How do I get access?

If you have single sign on (SSO) capability, you should be able to use the LRC Bridge (https://sites.google.com/usuhs.edu/lrcbridgewebsite/home). This site connects you to a series of Google Forms that you can use to request access to some of the services the LRC previously provided. Requests include, but are not limited to, literature searches, article or book chapter requests (owned by the LRC or not), training, and access the archives.

If you do not have a single sign on, please email lrc-bridge-ggg@usuhs.edu and an LRC staff member will download and email you the article you've requested.

I need a lot of articles. Is there an easier way to do this?

During staffed hours, email a compressed EndNote library of citations to lrc-bridge-ggg@usuhs.edu. A staff member will attach full text to as many citations as they can and return a compressed EndNote library to you.

I use UptoDate on my mobile device, but the 90 day license will expire soon.

If you can get to campus, you can refresh your mobile app license at a terminal here. If you can’t get to access, e-mail lrc-bridge-ggg@usuhs.edu. An LRC staff member will re-authenticate you remotely.

At this time, the UpToDate app is not available (on- or off-campus) due to contracting issues. Restoration is expected by February 24, 2020.

When will the LRC’s website be restored?

At this time, early March 2020 is our best estimate for when the LRC’s website will return to full operations. Our website will need to be recreated using new tools that must be evaluated, purchased, and configured. Although our subscriptions, e-books, and databases will remain the same, expect that you’ll need to look for familiar resources in new locations. LRC staff are working with senior leadership to keep our downtime to a minimum. As soon as we have a timeline or further information we will update this FAQ.

I'm USUHS personnel working at Walter Reed library who needs to provide patient care. What can I do?

If you need access to information to support patient care, and cannot access the LRC, please visit Walter Reed’s Darnall Medical Library. Instructions for accessing their resources are below:

Personnel with CAC access to WRNMMC networked computers have access to Darnall Medical Library resources via http://wrnmmc.libguides.com/. There should be a red box icon on the computer desktop.

USUHS Faculty credentialed in the Provider Privilege Notification System (PPNS) can request a remote access account via http://wrnmmc.libguides.com/remote.

Those requesting accounts must provide their mail.mil email. If you want the response copied to your usuhs.edu email, add a "please send to xxxxx@usuhs.edu" note in the "what is your department" box, and we'll send the account information to both email addresses.

I'm active duty. Can I access library resources through my Service?

Yes! Army, Navy, and Air Force each have virtual collections, such as ClinicalKey, for their providers which contain e-books, e-journals, and databases. These branches use a service called Athens to verify access. You will need to register for an Athens account with your branch using your @mail.mil email address.

Can I access the LRC's website remotely if I login through the VPN?


Is there ANY way to access content off-campus without a VPN?

A few of our vendors will allow us to issue accounts that do not rely upon a proxy to have off-campus access. Please visit our Off-Campus Resources page for more info. For example, Wolters Kluwer Ovid provides a Medline with Full-text that may help users who most miss our PubMed with LinkOut (PubMed@USU) resource.

What progress is being made?

So far the LRC has worked with the OCIO to identify a new architectural solution for the LRC's website that meets network integration and security requirements. In addition to integrating with tools such as Single Sign On (SSO) here at USU, we will need to purchase three "off-the-shelf" products. Funding has been secured for these tools, and one has been purchased and delivered by the vendor. The other two tools will take more time to purchase and configure. Without one of them, a proxy, we cannot connect our off-campus users to our content. We expect that an award for the proxy will be made by the end of January 2020.

Why is this called the "Bridge LRC Website"?

This website is a placeholder while we work to put together the components of a new website to replace the LRC's original website. We want to use the Bridge to provide a "quick and dirty" solution while we evaluate software and begin purchasing these new tools. Once we've purchased the new tools, we can start to configure them to work with our licensed content and discovery tools.