Culinary Concepts

Culinary Concepts Project-Based Learning Plan

Students will use project-based learning to develop a unique retail food product that includes ingredients (51%) that have been sourced in Utah to create a new “Utah’s Own” company. Students will work in teams to design a product that could be created with Utah products. The resulting food product could be sold in retail outlets and/or be served in school cafeterias. Utah's Own ingredients that students may have access to: wheat/flour, honey, salt, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, jam, and seasonings. Other staples may be needed, sugar, baking soda, baking powder. If looking for a gluten free wheat option, made in Utah, try Oh My Gluten Free.

Culinary Concepts: Utah's Own PBL Plan (pdf)

Helpful Background

What is a Utah's Own Product? To be considered a Utah’s Own Member (enterprise/company), entrepreneurs seeking this designation must meet the following criteria (this is for farmers, food producers, chefs, and retailers).

  • Be owned and operated within the state of Utah
  • Not affiliated/owned by a national franchise
  • Own a Utah Production/Manufacturing Facility
  • Show that more than 51 percent of your product ingredients are Utah raised or grown

As an overview to Utah's Own, consider viewing these YouTube movies. Would they cause you to buy Utah's Own products? How would you improve these advertisements for better marketing?

Resources for careers in food and agriculture

Easy Recipes

Culinary Concepts: Utah's Own - Pinterest Board.

Pizza Dough* Bread Dough* Pretzels* Pie Crust* Tortillas

Pita Bread* Pancake Mix Focaccia Naan Toaster Pastry

Pasta Ravioli Cake Pops

* Dough can be put in a refrigerator or freeze and used later.

If your school blocks Pinterest, consider this work-around: