Research and Teaching

About Me: I'm an associate professor in the Mathematics Department at the United States Naval Academy.

Email: medynets at usna dot edu

Phone: 410-293-6727

Address: U.S. Naval Academy, 572C Holloway Road, Math Dept Stop 9E, Annapolis, MD 21402

Research InTERESTS

  • Ergodic Theory, Topological Dynamics, Tiling and Symbolic Dynamical Systems
  • Stability Theory of Dynamical Systems
  • Orbit Equivalence and Operator Algebras Associated to Dynamical Systems
  • Transformation Groups
  • Representation Theory of Infinite Groups
  • Geometric Group Theory and Random Walks on Groups

To learn more about my research, go to my ArXiv page, see the AMS MathSciNe profile, Google Scholar, or see my publications below.

Teaching (ON Sabbatical Fall 2018)

  • James Talisse, Trident Scholar, Class of 2017. Research Topic: Multidimensional Symbolic Dynamical Systems, Centralizers, Topological Entropy. Project Website
    • Publications: Toeplitz Subshifts with Trivial Centralizers and Positive Entropy, Involve, a journal of mathematics, Vol. 12, No. 3, 2019, download.
  • Carl Kolon, Trident Scholar, Class of 2018. Research Topic: Swarms of Agents with Spring-like Interactions and Self-propulsion, Stability Theory, Limit Cycles, Project Website
  • Aidan Sabetymass, Class of 2019. Research Topic: Cellular Automata, Computational Group Theory. Project Website


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  2. Toeplitz Subshifts with Trivial Centralizers and Positive Entropy (jointly with J.P. Talisse), Involve, a journal of mathematics, Vol. 12, No. 3, 2019, download pdf.
  3. Cantor Systems and Quasi-Isometry of Groups, joint with R. Sauer and A. Thom, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society (4) 49 (2017), 709-724. download pdf
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