Mr. Graves @ LHS

Virtual Classroom

Use this link to access my virtual classroom during school or office hours. Please wait to join the virtual classroom until the previous period has ended. For security, students will need to wait to be admitted to the room.

If parents would like to meet virtually, please email me to schedule a time. I will send you a link to that meeting.

After-School Help

Please fill out this form if you plan to come to my office hours after school.

Contact Information

(785) 521 - 3355

Use this phone number to call or text me. All students or families can use this number. I will work to respond within 24 hours or less.


  • Period 1 - Introductory Algebra

  • Period 2 - Algebra for the College Bound

  • Period 3 - Algebra 1

  • Period 4 - Introductory Algebra

  • Period 5 - Algebra 1

  • Period 6 - Algebra 1

  • Period 7 - Personal Plan