Mrs. Kleinjan

Chapman Middle School

Welcome to 6th grade science!

Hi, I am Adrian Kleinjan, the 6th grade science teacher! This is my first full year at CMS. I started in January 2017. This spring I will also be one of the middle school track coaches.

I married my husband, Cory, in 2015. We are both from Kentucky. He is stationed at Fort Riley, and we are enjoying life in Kansas so far!

When I am not teaching, I love to walk and play with my three dogs. I also enjoy exercising, working puzzles, and cheering on my Kentucky Wildcats!

Schedule for 6th Grade

Advisory: 8:00 - 8:27

1st hour: 8:30 - 9:13

2nd hour: 9:16 - 9:59

3rd hour: 10:02 - 10:45

LUNCH: 10:48 - 11:18

4th hour: 11:21 - 12:05

5th hour: 12:08 - 12:52

6th hour: 12:55 - 1:38

7th hour: 1:41 - 2:24

8th hour: 2:27 - 3:10

Here are some of my favorite science education youtube channels!