Using Videos

According to USD 465 Board Policy, teachers must obtain permission from their building administration before showing a full-length video in their classroom.

To obtain permission, teachers will fill out the Intent to Show video form. Mr. Creeden, buildling principal, will review the 'intent' applications. The library will facilitate administrative approval and maintain records.

At Winfield High School:

  • Teachers must obtain video approval each year. Approvals do not remain on-file.
  • Teachers are expected to adhere to video use copyright guidelines. The video must be legally obtained.
  • Videos can not be used as a reward; they must be tied to the curriculum.
  • Each teacher showing the video must obtain approval (no dept level approvals).
  • Approval is needed for any full-length video; the expectation is that teachers will not show any video in full length without incorporating instruction throughout the video. (Hint, this might be a great way to implement digital tools - think online chat structured with teacher and student questioning).
  • Teachers should consider the rating of the video and obtain parental permission showings if content contains controversial materials.
  • Teachers do not need to obtain permission for video showings from district content providers (Discovery Education, Gale Databases, Britannica School, videos licensed through curricular purchases).
  • All video/media shown 5 minutes or less from legally obtained sources do not require permission.