Denise Lasher

K-12 Gifted, Talented, and Creative


My name is Denise Lasher. I am the Rose Hill district gifted facilitator employed by Butler County Special Education Interlocal.

  • I have been married to Ty for 28 years this July, and I think,I will continue to married to him for the rest of my life. We have a son, Alex, and a daughter, Jenna. Alex has graduated from Washburn University and Jenna will be attending Washburn in the fall of 2019. Alex has a big boy job now and are cutting him off financially A.S.A.P Jenna is still on the Lasher payroll and benefit plan. Ty and I have a beagle named Harley, he is nine years old now.
  • I have been the Rose Hill district Gifted Facilitator for 10 years.
  • I have two bachelor degrees and a Gifted endorsement, each from a different university.