Video Tutorials

Are you having trouble navigating your online classroom? Uploading a video? Have no fear! Ecademy tutorial videos have been put together by your teachers to help you with common technical issues.

10 Finding Teacher Feedback.mp4

Finding Teacher Feedback

8 Ways to Contact Teachers.mp4

Contacting Teachers

7 Can't Open Next Assignment.mp4

Can't Open Next Assessment

9 Multitasking to find answers.avi

Multitasking to Find Answers

DropEnroll Turnitin Classes.mp4

How to Drop/Enroll in Turn-it-In Accounts

Create Turnitin Account.mp4

Create a Turn-it-In Account

Submitting and Understanding Feedback.mp4

Understanding Turn it in Feedback

6 Discussion Board.mp4

Discussion Boards

User guide

User Guide

4 Submitting Files to the Dropbox.mp4

Submitting Files to the Dropbox

3 Submitting Assignments.wmv

Submitting Assignments

5 Insert Equations.mp4

Inserting Equations

2 Navigation LL.avi


13 System and Software Requirements.mp4

System & Software Requirements

12 What if Calculator.mp4

What If? Calculator

11 Changing Appearance.mp4

Changing Appearances

1 Shutting Down and Restarting your Computer.mp4

Shutting Down & Restarting your Computer

7 Attaching a File to an email.mp4

Attaching a File to Email

3 Opening Microsoft Word and Saving a Document.mp4

Saving in Microsoft Word

Blackboard Setup.mp4

Blackboard Set-up

2 Creating a Desktop Folder for Each Class.mp4

Creating Desktop Folders

9 Finding your Downloads Folder.mp4

Finding Downloads

4 How to take a Screen Shot.mp4

How to Take a Screen Shot

8 How to use Power Point.mp4

How to Use Power Point

5 Using the Webcam.mp4

Using the Webcam