Central Time-Aligns with Goals 1,2,3

The goal of Central Time is to empower students to reach their full potential by providing time during the day for mentoring, grade reflection, organization, social/emotional learning, and SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely Goals). Central Time will be 30 minutes daily in our schedule.

Common Topics of Central Time Include:

    • Community Service
    • RAMP - College and Career Readiness Curriculum
    • Student Mentoring
    • Individual Plans of Study
    • Social and Emotional Learning
    • Student Led Conferences
    • Homework Help and Tutoring
    • Personal Goal Setting
    • Learning Portfolios
    • School Business

Exploration Day-Aligns with Goals 1,2,3

As part of the Kansas Redesign initiative, Andover Central Middle School has chosen to implement an Exploration Day where students can explore different topics of interests, careers, and hobbies. The first Exploration Day will be held on May 1, 2019.

Exploration day will consist of four sessions:



11:25-1:25 (30 minute lunch included)


Sample sessions include: Field Trips to Wichita Area Technical College, Guest Speakers in various careers, Job Shadow Opportunities, and many more.

Movement Monday-Aligns with Goal 1

We are currently researching how movement can improve the social emotional learning and academic growth of all ACMS learners. One of our redesign ideas is to implement Movement Mondays where we will intentionally integrate movement into our academic areas.

Monday Morning Meetings-Aligns with Goals 1,2,3

Our goal for Monday Morning Meetings is for students to have a soft start to the week where agendas, announcements, and recognition of students are discussed. Outcomes include: Students become empowered to become problem solvers due to greater and stronger connections to a specific teacher and fellow students, * Student attendance improves due to feeling that presence is noticed and necessary, * Overall student behaviors improve due to greater accountability to peers in both grade-level and mixed grade-level groups.

Positive Behavior Support-Aligns with Goals 1,2,3

Mentoring - students who struggle with behavior, academics, and/or social emotional skills may be assigned a weekly mentor with whom they check in with and create weekly goals.

Evidence Based Grading-Aligns with Goal 3

We are currently in the research and development stage.