Senior Parking

This idea was brought about by Allisun Riley (a member of the National Honors Society) to bring back money to the school and give kids the opportunity to be creative with their parking spots. Allisun Riley (senior) and Mrs. Mildfelt (school counselor) are the people in charge of the senior parking idea. The idea to let our seniors have their own parking spots gives them the ability to come to school without having to worry about where to park! Another reason this is good for our school is that it allows our seniors to show off their creativity for us to see while their cars aren’t there. The outcome has been good. A lot of students decided that it would be cool to have their very own parking spot for their last year of high school without having to worry about if it was going to be there or not when they got to school. Although there weren’t many people that bought a parking spot this year. We expect it to be a high school tradition here at Osawatomie High School.

By: Leonardo Flores