Jefferson West

High School Counseling Office

Lindsey Scherschligt, Counselor

Jenny Bair, Registrar/Secretary

Resources for social emotional concerns/student crisis

  • Text 741741 Crisis Text Line
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • The Guidance Center in Osklaloosa: 785-863-2929
  • Family Service & Guidance Center in Topeka: 785-232-5005
  • Stormont Vail Behavioral Health in Topeka: 785-270-4600

What does Mrs. Scherschligt do, exactly?

  • Assist students with strategies to deal with academic and personal concerns
  • Provide support and a listening ear to students/staff in a safe environment
  • Provide opportunities for college/career/military pathways
    • Includes entrance exam testing, planning college/career events, working with area colleges to earn dual credit, building IPS based on potential college degree plans
  • Team with parents/educators/students to plan and manage Individual Plan of Study
  • Organize and manage enrollment
    • Work with staff/students to build master schedule
    • Review data to correctly assign students to classes
    • Assist students in selecting courses
    • Enroll new students and assist with transition

Feel free to come see me! My door is always open.

Individual Plan of Study

  • Jefferson West High School uses Career Cruising/Xello for college/career/military planning once a week during Advisory
  • This platform also hosts course selections for future semesters and helps our students follow their graduation track
  • Click on the link below to login to the student's account
  • Also below are links to the course book and master schedule by semester to help with planning (keep in mind, if the previous year master schedule is posted, the new one will be different)

Behavior Expectations and Rewards

Tiger Expectations--Behavior Matrix

  • Jefferson West uses Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) Rewards as a way to encourage students to meet our behavior expectations
  • Students are issued a card with his/her name and specific bar code. This is used to allow staff to award points when a student meets or exceeds expectations
    • Students also have the App downloaded on their iPad and can view the rewards store and their points at any time
  • Points can be used at the Tiger Tienda, located in the library, or for any class that has rewards
    • Some examples of rewards are Tiger gear, Visa gift cards, Amazon gift cards, extra credit, and more!

Senior Information


    • Mrs. Scherschligt sends emails almost weekly with scholarship opportunities to students and parents
      • If you missed the last emails, click the buttons below! Note: There will not be any attachments, so you will need to check email and let me know if you need me to resend one of them
    • Local Scholarships are posted in Career Cruising, click on Financial Aid, then click on Local Scholarships
      • Local Scholarships are available February 1st and after

Financial Aid Information

    • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opens October 1 of each year for seniors
    • Jefferson County Counselor's Association host a workshop the first Monday of October at one of the schools

Career Cruising Check-Out Requirements

    • Before you graduate, you must have the following completed:
      • Sign up for Parchment
        • This is how you request your high school transcript to colleges or businesses
        • Take a picture of the code so it's on a device (Codes are given to you during a senior meeting fall semester)
        • Parchment website: Click Here
      • Career Cruising Activities that must be done:
        • Matchmaker
        • Learning Styles Assessment
        • Resume (can be uploaded)
        • Cover Letter (can be uploaded)
        • 3 careers or career paths saved to plan
        • Career & Life Goals filled out
        • Change the email to personal email (right before check-out)

College/Career Activities

College & Career Fair

    • Jefferson County Counselors Association hosts this fair in the fall for juniors and seniors at one of the county high schools

Apply Kansas

    • During the month of October, Mrs. Scherschligt will host an all-day event specifically for seniors to get assistance applying for colleges
    • Many colleges in Kansas will waive their application fee during this month

Job Shadowing

    • Sophomores-Seniors have the opportunity to take two excused days to job shadow a career they have interest in
    • Please see Mrs. Scherschligt for the packet and directions

College Visits

    • Juniors are allowed three excused college visit days and seniors are allowed two
    • Students must contact Admissions of the college of choice to set up a campus-visit day
      • If you need assistance with this, please ask Mrs. Scherschligt
    • Please see Mrs. Bair to get the College Visit Worksheet

Washburn Tech Campus Visit

    • Freshman will be bused to Washburn Tech for their Spring Open House to tour campus and decide if they would like to attend this college during HS

Washburn Tech

  • Students may attend Washburn Institute of Technology beginning their junior year
  • This is a technical college in Topeka that students can attend and earn high school elective credit and college credit at the same time
  • Many students are able to earn a certificate or degree before they leave high school
  • Tuition is free while student is in high school, however there are other required fees that vary by program
  • Eligibility:
    • Must be on track to graduate
    • Must be accepted into Washburn Tech before junior/senior year
      • Apply Online (it's free)
      • Take and pass the ACCUPLCR test (in math and reading)
        • Washburn Tech will proctor 2-3 tests at Jeff West each year
        • Mrs. Scherschligt has study guides in her office
      • Pay the $20 enrollment fee
  • Check out for more information

Programs at a Glance Apply Here


  • Register for the ACT by going to
  • Mrs. Scherschligt has free ACT prep books in her office
  • There are fee waivers available to those who qualify--see Mrs. Scherschligt
  • Click below for more ACT Resources

*There is quite a bit of Algebra II on the test; Mrs. Scherschligt recommends taking the test after a student has had at least one semester of Algebra II, or the student is in their junior year and plans to go to a four-year university

*Most of the time, students do not need to take the writing portion of the ACT, unless going out of state or into a major that requires it

*Jefferson West usually hosts the ACT in September, October, February and June


  • ASVAB is a free multiple-aptitude test that the military uses when placing recruits for specific occupations
  • Jefferson West hosts the ASVAB test on our campus annually, usually in February
  • Sophomores-Seniors can take the ASVAB, especially if they are interested in going into the military
  • ASVAB is one piece of a larger career exploration program
  • For more information, please visit


  • Jefferson West hosts the PSAT on the national testing day, which is usually the second Wednesday in October
  • This test is mostly a practice version of the SAT
  • The PSAT is open to sophomores and juniors
  • Any juniors that take the PSAT, their scores will be submitted to the National Merit Scholars Program and depending on the score, students may have the opportunity to be awarded scholarship money
  • Sign up for the PSAT in the spring of freshman/sophomore year, take it as a sophomore/junior


If you are planning on playing sports in college, please see the following for guidelines on eligibility and more! It is recommended you create an account with the organization (NCAA or NAIA, for example) so they can send you more information about steps to take, etc.



Transcript Request

  • If you are a current senior, you should have a parchment code from Mrs. Scherschligt (this is handed out in the fall; she recommends you take a picture of it). You will need to log into Parchment and fill out the profile using the code. This is a free request until after your senior year
  • If you are not a current senior, please use Parchment to submit a request to have your transcript sent. There is a small fee
  • Click on the link above to access Parchment

Other Resources

Alcohol/Drug Use Help




Self-Esteem/Social Emotional Development

Suicide Prevention

Transition to High School

Food/Clothing/Utility Needs

  • Jefferson County Resource Guide
    • Information includes, but not limited to: Food services, clothing, medical assistance for uninsured, counseling, mentoring, disability transition services, housing, etc.
  • Good Shepard-Tongonoxie
    • 423 E. 4th; 913.845.3964
    • Offers food, clothing, rent and utility assistance
  • Doorstep of Topeka
    • Website
    • Can help with: food, clothing, prescriptions, dental vouchers, gas vouchers, bus tickets, rent/utility assistance
    • Please call or email first: 785-357-5341 or