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Concordia Education Fund

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The USD 333 Concordia Education Fund (CEF) provides an opportunity to directly support Concordia Public Schools through your contributions which will impact our district families through educational opportunities from birth through senior year.  

Our goals can only be accomplished with the support of alumni, district staff, business owners, and community members.  We hope you will consider a tax deductible contribution which can make a difference in the education of our students and support for our hard-working staff.  

All donations to CEF are tax deductible.  The fund is held at the Community Foundation for Cloud County, an affiliate of the Greater Salina Community Foundation, which is a qualified section 501(c)(3) organization. 

Make an impact and contribute to the USD 333 Concordia Education Fund:  

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Concordia Panther Pride! 

What do we do?

USD 333 Mission

To create and maintain an environment that ensures: Engaged Learning, Effective Teaching, and Trusting Relationships so that all members of the school community reach their highest level of academic achievement. 

 We Believe: 

Class of 1978

The USD 333 Class of 1978 contributed funds to purchase two new benches for the newly renovated Concordia Middle School

New benches at CMS

Students can join their friends on two new benches donated by alumni of The Class of 1978

Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 

Hosted by CloudCorp with grant funding provided by the Concordia Education Fund

2022 Donation by Foley Equipment  for CTE Power, Structural and Tech Systems pathway 

We are always happy to receive contributions from our partners in the community!

2022 Donation by Prairieland Electric for CTE Manufacturing pathway

We are always happy to receive contributions from our partners in the community!

Panther Cubs Receive 

Book Grant

Panther Cubs Daycare Home received an award of $500 from the Dane Hansen Foundation for a book library

Panther Cubs Award

The Dane Hansen Foundation provided funding for teachers in our Panther Cubs Daycare Home

CHS Art 

A CHS alumni contributed funds to provide a new stained glass grinder for CHS Art classes

Concordia Business Contribution

Prairieland Electric Cooperative Inc. contributed funds for student resources and student self-care products for the Panther Pantry at CHS