College & Career Ready

College & Career Ready Quicklinks

What is an Individual Plan of Study?

  • Multi-year educational plan (including at least one year of post-secondary) based on career interests.
  • Not just a graduation plan, it provides students access to career exploration and career planning.
  1. Career Skills & Interests
  2. High School Course schedule including:
    • CTE Pathway courses
    • Qualified Admissions courses
    • Dual credit courses
  3. General Post-secondary plan (specific post-secondary programs, military, apprenticeships, workforce, etc.) with timeline of tasks to complete for admittance
  4. Assessment scores
    • College-Career Ready Assessments
    • Industry-recognized Certifications
  5. Work-based learning experiences and or employment history
  6. Volunteer/community service experiences
  7. Financial aid information
  8. School activities

Choosing the Right Career & Program

Employability Skills

Advisor Resources

Other Student Resources