Yearbook Staff Receives Recognition in National Competition

The Sylvan-Lucas Unified High School yearbook staff and sponsor, Beth Hlad, were recently recognized in a National Competition. The Entourage Yearbook Design Competition recognized Sylvan-Lucas Unified High School with a 4th Place plaque in "Overall Yearbook Design" and honorable mention certificates in "Page Design" and "Cover Design."

Yearbook staff members for the 2017-2018 school year were Delaney Herold (pictured), Courtney Moreland (pictured), Kelsey Decker, Keera Maupin, Morgan Kubick, Jedd Rowden and Hannah Diez.

Mrs. Seehafer Named Music Teacher of the Year

Sylvan-Lucas Unified Jr/Sr High School Music Instructor, Mrs. Janet Seehafer, has recently be recognized as "Teacher of the Year" be her peers in the Northwest Distrct Kansas Music Educators Association. She will be recognized at the concert on December 8th. She has also been nominated by the Northwest District KMEA members for the Kansas State High School Music Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Seehafer currently serves the Northwest District KMEA as the High School Choral Chairman. She has taught all of her career at Unified School District #299, with the exception of five years when she taught in the public school at Tipton, Kansas. Mrs. Seehafer received her BA degree from Bethany College and graduated from Sylvan Unified High School. She teaches both band and choir in 5th through 12th grade, currently. She is married to Rodney Seehafer and her son, Jason and daughter, Mary Shannon Hlad both teach in the Sylvan-Lucas schools, as well.

Music Students Participate in NW KMEA Festival

On Saturday, December 1, senior J.C. Huehl will be traveling to Dodge City, Kansas to perform in the SW/NW District Honor Orchestra. He will also be receiving his four-year participation medal. The clinician for the Orchestra is Dr. Alex Lee of Southwestern University of Oklahoma. The concert will be held at Dodge City High School.

On Saturday, December 8, students from Sylvan-Lucas Unified High School choir will perform in the Northwest District Honor Choir. These students are seniors, Gunner Weaver and Tyler Barrientes; juniors, Kelsey Decker, Marshall Hurlbut; sophomores, Elizabeth McCoy, Logan Buttenhoff; and freshmen, MeKelle Hurlbut, William Dohe and Jaina White. Their clinician is Dr. Mark Lucas, director of choral studies from Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas.

Performing in the Northwest District Honor Band and also receiving her four-year participation medal is senior, Dharma Couse. Dharma will be playing the clarinet. Her clinician is Kyle Hopkins, director of bands at McPherson College.

Representing the Lucas-Sylvan Elementary School in the Elementary Honor Choir are Greyson Boor, Harlan Pancost, Alana Pritchett, Maggie Labertew, Anna Feldkamp and Katherine Dohrman. All of these students are in the 6th grade and are students of Mrs. Janet Seehafer. Their clinician is Blake Thompson of Harvard, Nebraska Public Schools.

The concerts on December 8, 2018 will be held at Fort Hays State University in Beach/Schmidt Auditorium. The Elementary concert is at 12:30 p.m. and the High School Concert starts at 3:30 p.m. Parents may attend both concerts with only one admission charge by being stamped at the Elementary concert.

All of these fine musicians from our school had to audition to be selected to these honor groups.

Jr/Sr High School Announces

1st QTR Honor Roll


Maddisyn Brummer, Yasmin Etienne, Bailey Evans, Aundrea Haberer, Delaney Herold, JC Huehl, Kylie Rahmeier, Kaitlyn Schoen, Taegen Walter, Hannah Wolting, Sasha Albert, Kelsey Decker, Kyle Frederking, Keera Maupin, Autumn Princ, Paige Ringler, Madison Streit, Hunter Hulse, Brooklyn Gosvener, Sydney Heller, Taylor Fallis, Emma Griffiths.


Tyler Barrientes, Dharma Couse, Wyatt Hiitter, Lexi Neel, Samuel Princ, Cade Uhl, Vince Weaver, Beau Batchman, Sam Hiitter, Jesse Spear, Tra Barrientes, Logan Buttenhoff, Haley Fallis, Jonah Huehl, Elizabeth McCoy, Bree Neel, Jordon Urban, Dilyn Brummer, Lizebeth Cline, Dayton Couse, Jaxson Heenan, Katlyn Homewood, MeKelle Hurlbut, Brooke Wehrman, Tressa Wehrman, Jaina White, Brody Batchman, Emma Cline, Kailea Goss, Gunner Hulse, Jacob Schultz, Valden Dohl, Skyylar Goss, Jaden Huehl, Kaylee Johnson, Keeli Knobbe, Jase Labertew, Sophia Pancost, Liberty RIngler.

Elementary Announces

1st Quarter Honor Roll


6th: Kathryn Dorman, Anna Feldkamp, and Maggie Labertew,

5th: Vance Dohl, Breckyn Gosvener, Molly Heller, Carter Johnson, LeeAllie Schoen and Josie Svaty

4th: Abigail Feldkamp, Codie Huehl, and Kadence Palmer

3rd: Chloe Balluch, Tevis Dohl, Cooper Johnson, Jayden Meitler, Mina Pahls, Lily Pancost, Gage Sonnier, Harley Thrush, Belle Wehrman and Jordynn Zapata

3.5 – 3.99 GPA HONOR ROLL

6th: Greyson Boor, Hannah Pahls, Harlan Pancost, Alana Pritchett, Kaleb Schroeder and Caitlyn Sigle

5th: Layne Buttenhoff, Cheyenne Feenstra, Liam Goss III, Montana Griffiths, Izabella Hooper, Aubrelle Hurlbut, Chase Palmer, Lauren Pritchett, Eli Schultz, and Isaac Schultz

4th: Tyler Craven, Tucker Denning, Kenzley Frederking, Saydee Goss, Braelyn Gosvener, Branton Gosvener, Casey Janssen, Braelyn Maupin, Zayne Maupin, and Delaney McCollum

3rd: William Cline, Evan Lamb, Jayden Merrell, Jacob Oltean, and Jayce Richards

Junior High Students Participate in KMEA Music Concert

On Saturday, November 3, 2018, our Junior High Music Students will participate in the Kansas Music Educator's Association Junior High Honor Band and Honor Choir. These students will practice most of the day and present a concert with other honor students from the Northwest KMEA District at 3:30 p.m. in the Hays High School Gymnasium in Hays, Kansas. The admission for the concert, which will also include the High School Jazz Ensemble, is $5.00. The Junior High Choir Clinician is Mr. Brandon Wade of Pratt High School and the Junior High Honor Band Clinician is Mr. Ken Hakoda from Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina, Kansas.

Students representing Sylvan-Lucas Junior High School in Honor Choir are Jaden Huehl, Adin Hulett, Clara Griffiths, Goldie Dohe, Kaylee Johnson Liberty Ringler, Keeli Knobbe, Taylor Fallis, Sophia Pancost, Geriun Boor, Valden Dohl, Jase Labertew, Matthew Lawson, Gunner Hulse, Kolton Palmer, Kimberly Fitzhugh, Sydney Heller, Madison Dorman, and Madalyn Dobrinski.

Representing the Junior High Band from Sylvan-Lucas Junior High is Addie Wallace, playing Alto Saxophone.

Please plan to support these fine young musicians by attending this wonderful concert!

Parent Information on the Kansas College & Career Ready Standards for Math

The way we taught students in the past simply does not prepare them for the higher demands of college and careers today and in the future. Our schools are working to improve teaching and learning to ensure that all children will graduate high school with the skills they need to be successful.

In mathematics, this means three major changes:

  1. Teachers will concentrate on teaching a more focused set of major math concepts and skills.
  2. This will allow students time to master key mathematics concepts and skills in a more organized way throughout the year and from one grade to the next.
  3. It will also call for teachers to use rich and challenging mathematics content and to engage students in solving real-world problems in order to inspire greater interest in mathematics.

The parent guides found below were created for Kansas parents by Kansas educators to help provide a clearer understanding of what your child will learn in a specific grade. Furthermore, these documents provide a few activities parents can do at home with their child to further support their learning of mathematics.

Click here for Standards Guide & Activities for Parents


USD 299 Announces End of Year Honor Roll

Elementary 4th Quarter Honor Roll

4.0 Honor Roll

6th: Brody Batchman, Emma Cline, Kimberly Fitzhugh, and Sydney Heller

5th: Greyson Boor, Anna Feldkamp, Maggie Labertew and Harlan Pancost

4th: Vance Dohl, Breckyn Gosvener, Molly Heller, Carter Johnson, and Josie Svaty

3rd: Keaton Feil, Abigail Feldkamp, Kenzley Frederking, Saydee Goss, Braelyn Gosvener, Codie Huehl, Cai Labertew, Zayne Maupin, Delaney McCollum, and Kadence Palmer

3.5 - 3.99 Honor Roll

6th: Madalyn Dobrinski, Kailea Goss, Brooklyn Gosvener, Lucile Harp, Lane Homewood, Gunner Hulse, Matthew Lawson, McKaylee Maupin, Kolton Palmer, and Jacob Schultz

5th: Summer Bates, Tyra Meyer, Bella Naylor, Hannah Pahls, Alana Pritchett, Kaleb Schroeder, Caitlyn Sigle, and CD Webber

4th: Layne Buttenhoff, Mallory Dobrinski, Cheyenne Feenstra, Liam Goss III, Montana Griffiths, Izabella Hooper, Aubrelle Hurlbut, Kolton Meyer, Chase Palmer, Lauren Pritchett, Madison Rupp, Lee Allie Schoen, Eli Schultz and Isaac Schultz

3rd: Tyler Craven, Tucker Denning, Ciara Eaton, Branton Gosvener, Casey Janssen, Braelyn Maupin, Peyton Schoen, and Avrilynn Witt.

Jr/Sr High School 2nd Semester Honor Roll

4.0 Honor Roll

12th Grade: Darren Ammon, Logan Batchman, Kerstin Decker, RJ Haberer, Morgan Kubick, Caiden Rivers, Jedd Rowden.

11th Grade: Maddisyn Brummer, Aundrea Haberer, Kylie Rahmeier, Taegen Walter.

10th Grade: Sasha Albert, Kyle Frederking, Keera Maupin, Autumn Princ, Paige Ringer.

9th Grade: Elizabeth McCoy, Jordon Urban.

8th Grade: Lizebeth Cline, Hunter Hulse, Brooke Wehrman, Tressa Wehrman.

7th Grade: Valden Dohl, Taylor Fallis, Jaden Huehl, Kaylee Johnson, Keeli Knobbe, Sophia Pancost.

3.5 - 3.99 Honor Roll

12th Grade: Kena Kvasnicka, Cheyenne Meyer, Brody Schofield, Dylan Streit, Lucy Tate, Aleah Wehrman.

11th Grade: Dharma Couse, Hannah Diez, Bailey Evans, Delaney Herold, Wyatt Hiitter, JC Huehl, Kaitlyn Schoen, Cade Uhl, Gunnar Weaver, Hannah Wolting.

10th Grade: Beau Batchman, Kelsey Decker, Madison Streit.

9th Grade: Tra Barrientes, Logan Buttenhoff, Chloe Dohe, Haley Fallis, Katelin Farney, Jonah Huehl, Marshall Hurlbut, Brookelyn Tate, Ben Wehrman.

8th Grade: Dillyn Brummer, Jaxson Heenan, Katlyn Homewood, MeKelle Hurlbut, Rylee Noyes, Zach Rose, Jaina White.

7th Grade: Goldie Dohe, Skyylar Goss, Clara Griffiths, Emma Griffiths, Jase Labertew, Liberty Ringler.

Junior Senior High School Spring Semester Honor Roll


Seniors: Cursstyn Jorgensen, Greta Wehrman, Josh Weilert

Juniors: Logan Batchman, RJ Haberer, Jedd Rowden, Dylan Streit

Sophomore: Aundrea Haberer, JC Huehl, Kylie Rahmeier, Taegen Walter

Freshmen: Sasha Albert, Kyle Frederking, Autumn Princ

8th Grade: Tra Barrientes, Jonah Huehl

7th Grade: Hunter Hulse, Brooke Wehrman, Tressa Wehrman

3.5 – 3.99 GPA HONOR ROLL

Seniors: Baili Kerth, Steven Lawson, Mia Maupin

Juniors: Kerstin Decker, Morgan Kubick, Kena Kvasnicka, Lucy Tate

Sophomores: Maddisyn Brummer, Delaney Herold, Wyatt Hiitter

Freshmen: Beau Batchman, Kelsey Decker, Kassi Montiel, Paige Ringler, Madison Streit

8th Grade: Logan Buttenhoff, Chloe Dohe, Haley Fallis, ELizabeth McCoy, Brookelyn Tate, Jordon Urban

7th Grade: Dillyn Brummer, Lizebeth Cline, Jaxson Heenan, Katlyn Homewood, Mekelle Hurlbut, Jaina White

USD 299 Mission Statement

The Mission of Sylvan-Lucas Unified Schools is to provide students with a safe atmosphere, balanced curriculum, and a progressive education that will help the students become active, well-educated and responsible citizens. Utilizing technology, communications, leadership and community involvement; the staff will challenge students to reach their fullest potential and prepare them for post-secondary education or entry into the workforce.

Sylvan-Lucas Unified School District has made a commitment to technological advancements so that staff and students will be equipped to work successfully in our complex world in the future.

USD 299 Sylvan-Lucas Unified Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Jude Stecklein, Superintendent of Schools - District Compliance Officer

504 W. 4th Street, Sylvan Grove, KS 67481 / (785)526-7175