PBL-Creative Design

Google Doc Assignment

Google Docs

This is my Google Docs assignment. It is the first project I ever made in this class.

Pixlr Landscape

I created a landscape in Pixlr Editor using different tools and shapes.

Touch of Color

Using Pixlr Editor, I turned a colorful photo into a black and white one. I then erased certain parts of the photo to allow the color to shine through. This really makes certain colors pop in contrast to the black and white.

Touch of Color

I loved this project so much that I made another Touch of Color.

Touch of Color

Have I mentioned that this was my favorite project?

Touch of Color

As you can see I really like rainbow foods!!!

Stop_Motion_Animation_Finale (1).webm

Stop Motion Animation

This is my Stop Motion Animation. I made it with drawings of the cycle of an apple tree.

Animate a Name

This is my Animate a Name. I had the choice of personalizing any name I wanted, so I chose Tigger.