Emporia Middle School Counseling

Welcome students, parents, COLLEAGUES & community!

Welcome back Jr. Spartans! We abruptly were thrown into an unknown situation last spring with COVID-19 and it brought both positive and negative effects. As we all continue to be impacted by this worldwide pandemic, please understand that it's going to take patience and practice as we are all in this together! We know that each of you, students, staff, parents and community members are doing the best you can do & we thank YOU for your efforts!

We hope you find our counselors page helpful for social emotional learning &/or resources. If you follow the calendar you will see daily facts, would you rather questions and daily celebrations. Our weekly advisory lesson topics will be present so we encourage you to discuss them with your student/family. If you should have questions and/or comments please feel free to contact us.

6th Grade

620-341-2335 ext. 7269

7th Grade

Mrs. Dragonas christy.dragonas@usd253.net

620-341-2335 ext. 7255

8th Grade

620-341-2335 ext. 7264

Emporia middle school 2300 graphic arts road emporia ks 66801

P:620-341-2335 F:620-341-2341

Office hours will vary for administration and secretaries so please call ahead of time if you are needing to pick up/drop off any items. Fridays the office will be closed.