Spring Hill Elementary School

4th Grade Newsletter

Mr. Hamm ~ Ms. House ~ Mrs. Kuchar

8/14 Back to School Night 5:00-6:00

8/16 First Day of School

June, July & August Birthdays

June 12 - Payton Bush

June 19 - Ania Richards

June 29 - Braydn Niehues

July 5 - Jaden Cisneros

July 8 - Jace Belcher

July 14 - Irelyn Small

August 2 - Louisia Lawson

August 18 - Cassie Butts-Hittle

August 19 - Avelyn Marsh

August 22 - Aiden Barentine

August 31 - Alison Raney

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ELA: This page will keep you informed on the skill your child is learning in English Language Arts. You will see the Genre we focus on as well as the Essential Question. This question is the topic for all our reading stories, including the weekly tests. You will also see anchor charts to describe the comprehension skill and reading strategy of the week. Many times, you will find games that correlate to these skills for your child to practice before our test on Fridays.

Math: This page will tell you the skill for each day of the week, whether or not we have homework on a particular day, and a game to practice each day's skill. You will also find test study guides here if we are reviewing for an upcoming test. This is also the page you will go if you need to print another copy of homework and check the Student Reference Book for homework help.

Science: Here you will see a short blurb about the current science unit your child is studying. There will be a picture, video, or handout that you can look at in order to get a better idea of the project. If materials are needed from home for a particular project, you will see that here as well.

Social Studies: This will be formatted the same as science. You will find the current unit of study for social studies, videos, and handouts the kids receive in class.

Book Projects: Here, you will find many ideas for our quarterly book projects. You can also read about how your child is graded on these and find upcoming due dates.

Websites: Here you will find the websites we use in class and how the kids can access them at home.

Photo Gallery: We will post pictures of students, their projects, special events and field trips.