Upcoming Events

May 17- Prairie Mart- 3rd Grade

May 17- Third Grade Talent Show, 10-11 a.m.

May 18- Field Day, 12:30-2:30 p.m.

May 22- End of the Year Awards, 2:30 p.m. (ALL students will be recognized and given awards)

May 24- Last Day of School for Students


Unit 6 Week 3 : Home-School Connection

Essential Question: Why are goals important?

Comprehension Strategy: Reread

Comprehension Skill: Problem and Solution

Genre: Biography

Vocabulary Strategy: Greek and Latin Roots

Grammar: Adverbs

Spelling: None this week


We will finish unit 9 over multidigit operations. Students will partition rectangles to solve multidigit multiplication problems, develop strategies for an open ended word problem, and analyze a length-of-day graph.

Unit 9 Family Letter- This will give more information about the vocabulary and skills we will be working on throughout the unit. It also includes an answer key to all of our home links.

POWER DRILLS WILL BE SENT HOME: Students will also be responsible for a weekly Power Drill that will be sent home on Friday and due the following Thursday. Please make sure that your child keeps track of this assignment and completes it at home. The resource below will help your child answer the word problems and refer to the graphs and tables as needed. Your child can check their work with a calculator or have you look over problems and can correct problems before turning it in.

Power Drill Resource Page- This is a helpful resource for when your child is completing the word problems on the back of Power Drills. It explains the process and provides the tables or graphs to solve the problem.

Please help your student work on becoming automatic with their MULTIPLICATION FACTS at home. Students should have their basic facts (0-12s) memorized. This will be helpful as they transition into 4th grade.


We are finishing up our Book Bag Review. Each student has chosen a non-fiction story that we have read in our reading series and is writing a review. All of the information of the review will be glued to a bag. In the bag, will be 3 objects that represent their story. They will be presenting to the class the objects they choose and why they choose them. Students may be asking you if they can bring in various objects to place in their bag.

Each writing project will take 2-3 weeks to fully complete as we go through each part of the writing process. In class, we will first work together on a class example modeling to students what this process looks like while breaking it down into sections. As each section is modeled students will then have the opportunity to create their writing. This "I do, we do, you do" helps students by providing extra reinforcement of expectations

Science/Social Studies

Students have created a "Thinglink" map and have tagged 5 famous locations- Kansas City, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Denver. They researched the location of each, a landmark in each city, and an interesting fact.

We will continue to learn about communities- urban, suburban, and rural, and even "create a community" in groups.

Grade Expectations

A few things to know about your child's grades:

  • Each subject has various skills listed. These skills are averaged together to make up the subject grade. Many assignments are broken up into multiple skills such as writing projects (6 traits) and weekly reading tests (vocabulary, comprehension, and constructed response).
  • Reading: Our current reading grade is made up of our weekly assessment scores. The reading fluency grade is based on DIBELS scores (oral reading fluency) from our assessment in December. Students will be retested in May.
  • Math: Our math grade will consist of unit assessments and Home Links. Home Links are worth one point. No points will be awarded for a late Home Link.
  • Science/Social Studies: We rotate between subjects. Scores are given for participation, labs, assignments and projects.
  • Writing: Each writing trait is listed separately, averaging together for their overall writing grade. Example: If your child scored a 3 out of 4 for conventions then listed under their writing grade you will see a C for the skill "conventions", but does NOT mean they are making a C in writing- it is just broken up into 6 skills per writing assignment.
  • Work Habits and Social Skills- We feel that while we are in the first quarter most students are still "making progress" on the social skills and work habits. As we progress through the year hopefully your child will see improvements on their grading marks.

+ represents satisfactory

/ represents making progress

– represents a skill where growth is needed