Third Grade Sticks Together

Mrs. Colgrove, Mrs. Dechant (used to be Miss Coovert), and Miss Peterson miss you so much! We can't wait until we can see of you again. We encourage you to keep reading and practicing math as much as possible. Please send us pictures or stories of what you are doing.

Information and Resources

Please remember that each of our Google Classrooms are still available to use for resources. Just a reminder that students can login to Google Classroom or other Google Accounts using their username which is their six digit number Each child's password is their first name with = after it to make a total of 8 characters. Example Susie would have a password of susie===.

Please use our district website to access resources for your child. These resources our optional activities/websites that your child can utilize to stay educated and active during this time away from school. These resources can be found on the main website under COVID-19 School Closings and then the tab "Additional Elementary Enrichment Resources" link or using the button below.

The remainder of this website will no longer be updated due to school not being in session. Please use the district website to stay informed of activities/resources.


Home School Connection: Please use this link to view information about the skills we will be covering in reading this upcoming week including spelling words, vocabulary words, and extra practice on our comprehension skill.

Essential Question: What are different kinds of energy?

Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions

Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

Genre: Expository Text

Vocabulary Strategy: Homophones

Grammar: Pronoun-Verb Contractions

Spelling: Open Syllables CVC Pattern (Lists usually go home on Fridays)

Spelling List- Regular

Spelling List- Complex Patterns

Spelling List- Less Complex


Next week we will continue unit 7 over fractions. We will be focusing on partitioning fraction strips, representing fractions on number lines, and identifying fractions greater than, less than, and equal to one.

Please help your child with memorizing multiplication facts. Your child is expected to know ALL basic math facts at the end of 3rd grade. You can use flashcards, fact triangles, games, or even apps to help your child practice at home. Since we have mastered our 1s, 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s, students need to practice 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 11s, and 12s.

Unit 7 Family Letter- This will give more information about the vocabulary and skills we will be working on throughout the unit. It also includes an answer key to all of our home links.

Power Drill Resource Page- This is a helpful resource for when your child is completing the word problems on the back of Power Drills. It explains the process and provides the tables or graphs to solve the problem. Students will still be responsible for a weekly Power Drill that will be started in class on Friday and due the following Thursday. We will be allowing class time to complete this activity.

Tutorial Videos- Unit 7


Multiplication Videos


When we return from Spring Break we will begin our next writing project- a fictional narrative. Students will get to use their creative ideas to make up a story with characters who need to solve a problem.

Each writing project will take 2-3 weeks to fully complete as we go through each part of the writing process. In class, we will first work together on a class example modeling to students what this process looks like while breaking it down into sections. As each section is modeled students will then have the opportunity to create their writing. This "I do, we do, you do" helps students by providing extra reinforcement of expectations.

Science/Social Studies

We will be exploring physical science. We will be discussing forces of motion, magnets, and friction. We will be doing Mystery Science activities to explore each topic.

Grade Expectations

A few things to know about your child's grades:

  • Reading: Our current reading grade is made up of our weekly assessment scores and grammar quiz scores.
  • Math: Our math grade will consist of unit assessments and Quick Checks.
  • Science/Social Studies: We rotate between subjects. Scores are given for participation, labs, assignments and projects.
  • Writing: Each writing project will now be listed in the skill "Ideas and Content" as an overall grade for the assignment rather than 6 skills.
  • Work Habits and Social Skills- The following scale represents the grading marks on each social skill listed. For "Returns Homework" your child's returned Home Links are used to determine that grade mark.

+ represents satisfactory

/ represents making progress

– represents a skill where growth is needed

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