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Spring Break - Friday, March 8th-Friday, March 15th


Unit 4 Week 4: Home School Connection attached below

Essential Question: How can we understand nature?

Comprehension Skill: Theme

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize

Genre: Drama / Folktale

Vocabulary Strategies: Root Words & Suffixes

Grammar: Irregular Verbs come, run & hide

Spelling: Words with eer, ear & ere

U4W4 Home School Connection.pdf

spelling & grammar

Our phonics skill for the week will be focusing on words with eer, ear & ere. Words to practice at home include:

  • dear
  • here
  • cheers
  • deer
  • steer
  • near


Unit 7 Family Letter can be found below. This contains an overview of the Unit, along with answer keys to Home Links.

Unit 7 will focus mainly on finding missing addends, measuring to the nearest inch, centimeter, yard and meter, plotting data into a picture graph, and attributes of shapes.

Unit 7 Family Letter.pdf

science / social studies / stem

To kick off our study of presidents, we had a visit from Abraham Lincoln. Ask your students to share some the interesting facts about his life. Last week we continued to learn about our nation's presidents. We focused on their lives and the contributions they have made to our country. This week, we will shift our focus to Black History Month, completing activities that research influential African Americans throughout history.

grade expectations:

A few things to know about your child's grades:

  • Each subject has various skills listed. These skills are averaged together to make up the subject grade. Many assignments are broken up into multiple skills such as writing projects (6 traits) and weekly reading tests (vocabulary, comprehension, and constructed response).
  • Reading: Our current reading grade is made up of our weekly assessment scores, along with 5 points weekly for completed Reading Logs (1 pt. per 10 minutes, totaling 5 points for a full 50 minutes). The reading fluency grade is based on DIBELS scores.
  • Math: Our math grade will consist of unit assessments and Home Links. Home Links are worth one point. No points will be awarded for a Home Link that fails to be completed.
  • Science/Social Studies: We rotate between subjects. Scores are given for participation, labs, assignments and projects.
  • Writing: Each writing trait is listed separately, averaging together for their overall writing grade. Example: If your child scored a 3 out of 4 for conventions then listed under their writing grade you will see a C for the skill "conventions", but does NOT mean they are making a C in writing- it is just broken up into 6 skills per writing assignment.
  • Work Habits and Social Skills- We feel that while we are in the first quarter most students are still "making progress" on the social skills and work habits. As we progress through the year hopefully your child will see improvements on their grading marks.

+ represents satisfactory

/ represents making progress

– represents a skill where growth is needed