soar in second

upcoming events

Monday, May 20th : Market Day

Tuesday, May 21st: Field Day @ 11:45 - 2:30

Thursday, May 23rd: Last Day of School

and just like that, our school year is coming to a close.

Next week will be an exciting one! We will be taking part in many fun activities such as Market Day and Field Day. Students will continue to hone their math skills through "Mystery Math" and "Mystery Picture" activities. We will partake in writing activities that allow us to reminisce on our school year together, and engage in fun end-of-year, summer reading activities! We have absolutely loved our year with these students, and we plan for our last week together to be fun and educational.

grade expectations:

A few things to know about your child's grades:

  • Each subject has various skills listed. These skills are averaged together to make up the subject grade. Many assignments are broken up into multiple skills such as writing projects (6 traits) and weekly reading tests (vocabulary, comprehension, and constructed response).
  • Reading: Our current reading grade is made up of our weekly assessment scores, along with 5 points weekly for completed Reading Logs (1 pt. per 10 minutes, totaling 5 points for a full 50 minutes). The reading fluency grade is based on DIBELS scores.
  • Math: Our math grade will consist of unit assessments and Home Links. Home Links are worth one point. No points will be awarded for a Home Link that fails to be completed.
  • Science/Social Studies: We rotate between subjects. Scores are given for participation, labs, assignments and projects.
  • Writing: Each writing trait is listed separately, averaging together for their overall writing grade. Example: If your child scored a 3 out of 4 for conventions then listed under their writing grade you will see a C for the skill "conventions", but does NOT mean they are making a C in writing- it is just broken up into 6 skills per writing assignment.
  • Work Habits and Social Skills- We feel that while we are in the first quarter most students are still "making progress" on the social skills and work habits. As we progress through the year hopefully your child will see improvements on their grading marks.

+ represents satisfactory

/ represents making progress

– represents a skill where growth is needed