Mrs. Perez

Kelli Perez has been teaching for a total of twenty-two years, nine of which have been in Norton. She has taught in Arizona and Kansas. Mrs. Perez grew up in Johnson, Kansas on a farm seventeen miles from town. Her husband Rudy, NCHS principal, and her have been married for twenty-two years. They have three kids: Zane, Kylie, and Lauren. She also has dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and fish. Mrs. Perez enjoys teaching here because it is her first position working in the same school system as her husband and family. She thinks it is wonderful to have the same vacations and breaks. She teaches FSI (Family and Social Issues can only be taken by juniors and seniors), FACS I (Family and Consumer Science, one year), and FACS II (Family and Consumer Science, two years).

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote: "God is good.....all the time!"

Favorite Books: Christian Romance

Favorite Movies: Most children's movies.

Favorite sports team: Colorado School of Mines

Recommended Websites: Kindle Reader! LOL

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