Mr. Jones

English 11 class reviews students on basic grammar to advance their grammatical knowledge to the level of competence outlined in the English Curriculum Guide. Students continue the study of grammar principles as the writing assignment become progressively more difficult through each grade level. Five paragraph essay writing and following the Six-Trait Analysis emphasize proving a thesis and supporting a topic sentence with detail while using advanced descriptives and powerful action words to enhance vocabulary. The study of literature progresses simultaneously with student writing. To decide student grades, teachers use objective and subjective exams, written assignments, and daily class preparation.

Composition 1 is a class taught by Mr. Jones and it is also a dual credit program offered from Colby Community College. Students learn and practice workplace and professional writing skills.

1st Hour: English 11

2nd Hour: Composition 1

3rd Hour: English 11

4th Hour: Tutorial

5th Hour: Composition 1

6th Hour: Planning

7th Hour English 11